November 18


In this project, we learned about the earth’s internal structure, its external features, and the interactions between layers. The main object of study is plate tectonics. (We also made plate tectonics games.) 

My favorite part was the mantle convection experiment

The mantle (in the asthenosphere) getting hotter, the density becomes smaller and the volume becomes larger, resulting in rising heat flow. The rising mantle meets the bottom of the crust and flows around. As the temperature are lower, the density of the mantle becomes larger and it sinks into the lower mantle, This process is called mantle convection. 

large density, small size           small density, large volume

We have one student in our group pour 200 mL of the hot water into one side of the tank at the same time that another student pours 200 mL of the cold water into the other side of the tank.

Have a group member slowly and carefully remove the divider. 

 Hot water rose to the top of cold water

I use a clean dropper to carefully put 1-2 drops of hot red water from the beaker into the 

The hot water sink a little and came up

And then cold water   

The cold water brought the red water down a bit

The plate tectonics game, the last part of the project, my team and I made a game very similar to snakes and ladders. That’s its game rules

Participants take turns rolling the dice and can take as many steps as they score. If they come across a mountain, they can climb to the top and take many steps forward. But in the event of a natural disaster (volcano, earthquake, tsunami), take a few steps back. If they encounter a question mark ❓, they can pick a card, and there are many types of cards such as forward, back, and save cards. Whoever reaches the finish line first decides who wins. Note that if you roll more dice near the finish line than the number of steps to reach the finish line, you have to go back and win only if the number of steps to reach the finish line matches.                      

my mind map

My weakness in this project is English. The reason WHY I am not good at science is that I am not familiar with English scientific terms. The advantages are Good introduction and mind map.