What Can The Outsiders Teach Us About Worldview?

As per usual I will start with the driving question of the project, “How can the outsiders teach us about worldview?” Before I explain the project here is a quick definition of worldview: A particular view or philosophy about life.

Back to the important stuff, first off we learned about the 7 aspects of world view, such as geography, time, beliefs, society, values, knowledge and economy. At first I never realized all the things that shape our worldview and how hard it is to break it (at least for me its hard).  After learning about worldview we had to write a paragraph about some of the aspects of our worldview and how they make you who you are. I wont add it here but this is the link if you would like to read it: My worldview

One of the hardest things was to create a worldview MindNode of all the aspects of worldview. We brainstormed ideas for each topic and put each different aspect on a a branch. For this I could have improved since I was very vague, I was redoing ideas to make them better but I never ended up finishing my revisions because of other projects. Here is my MindNode:

Of course this project would make no sense without reading the book, we were assigned to read 2 or 3ish chapters before the next class so we could all have talk about questions we have.

After finishing the book we put our knowledge of the characters into one “deck” of characters (some are left out) here is my completed deck if you would like to see: Outsiders Character Deck

Near the end of this my points got a little sloppy so I could improve on that. 

Almost done the things leading up to the end result of all our learning…!

Making the character deck of the people in the book we scratched the surface of each of them. For this assignment we had to use descriptive personality traits to describe one character from the book and then explain help shape their worldview. The person I got was… Dally!

Here is my completed anyalsis: 

Okay now is the time to explain what we ended our learning in (besides this totally amazing blog post). 

In a group we had to create a tableau of one of the main scenes in the book. Before I continue on here is what a Tableau is: a tableau is a group of people or motionless figures representing a scene (it mostly may be from history or a story). Basically no one can move for a small period of time and they stay in position representing a person (or object \_(^~^)_/).

Since you hopefully understand what a tableau is now I will keep on going along what we had to do. The people in my group were Julia, Ruby, Andrew, Francis and myself. We had to Create many things together like movie posters, movie trailers and of course our tableau (all about the outsiders). 

To make our final movie poster we each had to create another movie poster and then decide as a group who’s we would use. We ended up going along with mine but we edited some things to make it the best we could.

When starting the tableau we had to find out what scene we were to re-create. The scene my group got was the burning church scene. We had to brainstorm ideas on a tableau pitch form. Then we sketched our ideas (each sepreattly) for the tableau set as well. Then we brainstormed all together and created a plan. Then we practiced our tableau, in the scene we got some little kids are getting saved from a burning church and Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally are saving them. Ruby and I are kids, Julia is Dally, Andrew is Ponyboy and Francis is Johnny. Then after practing our scene we had to create props. 

Oh wait I forgot we had to do another tableau of our scene but modify it to 2021. What my group did after many discussions with our teachers is ditch the burning church and fire and make it a flood instead. So one again I was a little kid, Ruby, Julia, Francis and Andrew were people saving me from the flood to represent saving kids from a burning church. 

After practicing and deciding on props we got to go to the library were we presented our tableau’s. We took a look around and practiced a bit then took a photo of our surroundings. The group member who took the photo was ruby and we used mark up to sketch out where we would place everything and everyone. Here is our completed photo plan:

Finally we set up for the exhibition, my group had a lot to do but we got some help from other classmates which helped a lot. We created fire, a cross and a stained glass window for the church. Throughout the making of our set we documented it in pictures and a time lapse of us setting up sheets to create a more clean background.

This is a time lapse video of setting up

Somethings that we could’ve done better is have a cleaner script because when presenting it, it was messy and our second speaker, Julia, was sick so she couldn’t come. So Andrew our first speaker explaining the burning church had to quickly read over the second part explaining what the second scene about the floods meant (then had to say it in-front of 22 groups of people). So it definitely would have helped if our script was more precise.

To close up this blog post ill explain my answer to the driving question. Again the driving question is “How can the outsiders teach us about worldview?”. After finishing this project we should have been able to answer this question, it took me a little while to think of an answer but here is mine. I think the outsiders teaches us a lot about society since the story is all about the gap between poor and rich people. When looking at the world now I can still see what went on in the book happening currently (slightly different though). People still get bullied or put in bad situations because of their financial issues well the some (not all, most people are very nice) more fortunate people don’t acknowledge that. It shows us that even though we are all different we are all human (hopefully) and each should have our basic rights. Lastly you cant judge someone before hand since as shown when Johnny and Ponyboy run to help kids they are changed from dirty reckless kids to hero’s. That shows that everyone values different things and that can set us apart from what you may look like or stereotypes hold against you.

I think our group did a good job all in all since we had a couple last minute changes that made us have to alter our presentation and we all thought on our feet to make it the best we could.

Take a look at my group members blogs:





And the wonderful people not in our who helped make the set:







if there where anymore people I forgot but thanks :D.

2 thoughts on “What Can The Outsiders Teach Us About Worldview?

  1. Wow Kira!

    I love your movie poster (especially the silhouettes with the contrasting background) and I had a lot of fun watching you and your group perform your tableau at the PLP Winter Exhibition!
    I admire how you worked with people outside of your group to complete your set and were able to perform well even with a missing group member. I look forward to seeing what you’ll create in January!

    – Fraser

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