Learning At Loon Lake!

PLP 8 and PLP 9 had the chance to go on our very first learning extent (or advance) that was over night for multiple days! It took place at Loon Lake Lodge, check the website out to learn more about it! Luckily the ride was only around an hour since it was located in maple ridge. During the advance we learned more about each other and strengthened the PLP community and worked on our teamwork. 

During the advance we created a E-book with photos, reflections and more!

Check my E-Book down below

Well at loon lake we took a photo walk at the start to get familiar with our surroundings, but people also took photos at their own leisure and to put it into the e-books. Here are some of the photos I took and some that my friends sent to me!Most of them are of me and my friends. 

I enjoyed this trip and I had no problem getting used to the beds and what not. One thing that through me off was sleeping. I got no sleep because of people waking me up, but otherwise it was a fun experience. My favourite thing was probably the battle archery, expect the masks we had to wear in case we got hit in it face smelt nasty. 

Throughout the learning advance I grew in different ways, having to learn in different environments tied in to me wanting to grow in not getting distracted. During this trip we (students) where expected to take pictures and document what was happening during the trip. When we had the break time it was hard for me to pull myself to get work done for the e-book. Slowly I got better at documenting media and writing short snippets of reflections for the book. 

One of the competencies I wanted to work on was communication, loon lake has definitely helped me improve with that. When I joined PLP I slowly made new friends, even though we were friends I didn’t know how to communicate with them that well. When we where at loon lake I learned more about my peers and got to see what they could do. Some of activities we did, like laser tag and battle archery, involved communicating with people in sometimes non- verbal ways (also playing silent ball). During archery my team and I thought of what we could do to help us win (we lost every time) even though it didn’t do anything to help us, it strengthened our skills in working in a team, and also laser tag. 

Something that could help me enjoy future field studies more is having a better sleep schedule. I would try to go to sleep but after the first 5 minutes I would give up because people would wake me up or someone would watch Tik Tok without headphones. I think I could have done a better job of trying to actually fall asleep instead of giving up and looking at my iPad. I should probably wear/bring earplugs next time… 

As you know (or I would hope so by the end of this post) we had to create an E-book about the trip, we had to do one for each day but sometimes I would miss something important, like taking a photo of the meal. Next time if we have a project like that to do throughout the trip I could read through what to do for each day clearly so I know what to do. Personally I think I held up quite well and enjoyed loon lake to the best I could.

I look forward to future trips, meeting and learning more about people and growing as a learner. But the next time I go on one I hope I dont get sick right after…  

Thank you for reading my blog, bye!

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