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A Quick Insight About What Destination Imagination Is:

Before I get into this post, what is DI? (DI is the short term form for Destination Imagination.) DI is a global competition that aims to inspire the next generation of leaders, innovators and creative problem solvers. 

In DI you get assigned a challenge to solve in a group, but there are many different types of categories for you to be in. This year the challenge categories are: Up Close (scientific), Daring Escape (technical), Tricky Tales (Fine Art), and Festival Frenzy (Improvisational). 

My Team

I got put into Festival Frenzy, and it is all about Improv, but originally I was in Tricky Tales (that group got split up). My team members are Cameron B, Ronan, Magnus, Caitlin and Hannah. Believe it or not I’m pretty sure one of the hardest things my group has done was think up a name for our group. We went through many like, The Lucky Charms, then The Unlucky Charms, a name involving piranhas, then we decided fishes instead of piranhas, and more. All of these names didn’t work out, we finally ended up with…

The Indecisive Improve Troupe {made by Hannah}

Since I joined halfway through I don’t have the insight on what happened when they brainstormed ideas, but I’ll explain what everyone started with. First off, we signed a team contract, and so did our parents and teachers. One of the reasons our parents signed it is because they can’t interfere with what is going on with the teams, because if they do then your team could get disqualified. After signing the contract we went on to writing ideas, and my ideas are not in here since I wasn’t in this group at the time. Here are the following ones that my group made:

About My Challenge

Again, I’m in improv and the reason it’s called Festival Frenzy is because when you end up presenting at the competition it will be about a certain festival (you don’t know what it is until 2 minutes before).  My team had to research 8 festivals that we might possibly perform, then we split them up equally and researched them (this was when I transferred over).

For the central challenge we have a 2 minutes time period to prepare for the festival we randomly chose. Then we need to complete 2 acts in the time frame of 5 minutes, with a 30 second interval to prepare between the two acts.

In the skit there must be a goal, this goal should probably make sense with the festival that has been chosen. In act one it has to show why at least one character decides to to try and achieve the goal at the festival.

After act 1 is performed you get a fork in the road, which is basically a plot twist in the story, and you have 30 seconds to prepare for act 2. When the timekeeper announces the fork in the road you get to chose between 2 options.

The final required element is using boxes to create a set and when creating the set you can only use 10 boxes. The box set it to make act 1 and/or 2 more enhanced and your team can use as many of the boxes as they want. Anything that is removed from the boxes is not allowed to be used and you can assemble the boxes with tape, glue and/or staples.

My Growth Opportunities

DI will definitely help my presenting skills, and since we have to present in front of judges I am nervous about that. When I was transferred to improve I was a bit confused, since I didn’t know what to feel. I’m good at thinking on my feet yet not under pressure. Also, this will help me realize that if I want to do well and help my team I should step up and use my voice.

My Accomplishments

As you already know I had to switch teams since my group wasn’t working out. I had to learn a completely new challenge and it was hard to catch up. I’m proud of myself for keeping myself organized during the switch over and keeping up with my work for DI.

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