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How I got into marvel is, when I was a little boy when were shopping and I saw a action figure of iron man and I asked my mom if I could get it and she said yes. Later that day when we got home I opened it up and I played with until I had to go to bed. The next day I had to go to kindergarten and I saw another kid with a Captain America action figure and I thought it looked cool so when I got home I asked my mom if i could get it and she said yes. So we went out to  get it and we bought it and I played with it and my Iron-Man action figure. Then I noticed on the packaging I said Marvel so asked my mom what marvel was and she told me. Then I said if I could watch some of their movies and she said yes. So that is how I got into Marvel.

This is some of the information you need to know about marvel. One thing you need to know is that you should watch all the movies in timeline order because there will be some holes in the plot line for you. Another thing you need to know is that Captain America is about 100 years old and is one of the best superhero’s of all time. Also you need to know that Iron Man has shrapnel in is heart and that is why his has the arc reactor on his chest. Iron Man and captain America at first don’t like each other but they get to be really good friends and Captain America gets heart broken when Iron Man dies. This is why I  like marvel is because the characters are always so connected.


How did my blogging process go?

I think that my blogging process went ok I because i didn’t have much negative read back and more positive feedback. But i could have more words even tho i reached the required word count.

How was this different from what you’ve done on your blog so far? Did you feel like you were writing for a different audience? Did that influence you writing?

I think it was different because instead of writing about what we did this was the work instead of just taking about it. I did sorta feel like i was talking to a different audience then normal because it was a different type of work we had to do. I do not think that it influenced my writing to much but it may have a little bit of influence.

Did you enjoy creating this page?

I did enjoy creating this page because it was different and there was a lot of typing and i enjoy typing and want to get my words per minute count up

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