How did my blogging process go?

I think that my blogging process went ok I because i didn’t have much negative read back and more positive feedback. But i could have more words even tho i reached the required word count.

How was this different from what you’ve done on your blog so far? Did you feel like you were writing for a different audience? Did that influence you writing?

I think it was different because instead of writing about what we did this was the work instead of just taking about it. I did sorta feel like i was talking to a different audience then normal because it was a different type of work we had to do. I do not think that it influenced my writing to much but it may have a little bit of influence.

Did you enjoy creating this page?

I did enjoy creating this page because it was different and there was a lot of typing and I enjoy typing and want to get my words per minute count up.

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