About Me!

About Me                   


This part of my blog is all about me and here I will tell you a little about myself.

 My name is Liam and I like to play soccer and i am on a soccer team, I think soccer is a fun sport and that I am fairly good at it. I like to travel places so far I’ve been to Cuba, Hawaï, Halifax and Rome. The places I want to go are Greece, japan, Korea, Australia, London, Romania, and a lot more places. I like History because its interesting that people before us invented everything thing we use and know today.

 I like to ski and I go to whistler and ski there because its a big mountain and its where my parents skied there a lot when they were kids. I like it because its a lot of fun and i like the views. Because you can basically see the a lot of the Rocky’s. I go mountain biking on mount seymour. I like mountain biking because its a lot of fun and I don’t crash that often but when I do its kinda fun. I like watching movies and reading books. My favourite book series is Harry Potter and my favourite character is Dumbledore. My favourite movie is Spider-Man 2 the Sam Rami trilogy.