In humanities 8 we learned about the crusades, which was the war between the Islams and the Christian’s. We also talked about the feudal system which was the order of power and the guideline in the Middle Ages. At that pint and time I believe nothing was fair unless you were born into royalty like the king or worked for the church. No matter how much you worked if you were a peasant there was a 99 percent chance your life would stay that way.

When did humanity move forward and why. I believe that a lot of ideas stemmed by trade as spices brought new flavour to Europe and European traders would trade guns, rum, salt, and others. Also around two million years ago it is thought the first of technology was invented. The first ever example of technology was stone tools and then more recently in 1910 many suburban homes had been wired up with power and new electric gadgets that were being patented with fervour. 

How did the quest for power affect peoples lives in the Middle Ages. Well, for one that was how the crusades started, for the city of Jerusalem and for the other holy lands. What went on in the crusades? There were great triumphs and great defeats depending on what side you were seated on. My favourite to talk about is the children’s crusade. The children’s crusade was an effort to win with peace and love and basically saying we can do this is an easier way. The children were very ruthlessly killed by drowning or made to be slaves for the islams. So in this case love and kindness was shot down as soon as it came up. Why did the pope believe after slaughtering so many people from the islams they would consider giving any holy land to the pope.