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Messi is better



Maker 8

For our maker 8 class we had the main topic of the end of our semester to be based around the movie avatar. Avatar was a movie that was not only great because of when it was released, it also… Continue Reading →

I found the ability to use camera angles is very useful because you can do so much with it, you can make a worms eye view to an eagles eye view or make a funny up close photo. It makes… Continue Reading →

Keynote animation


Hello! Welcome back to my blog, today I would like to share a bit more about myself as a PLP student. I think I am statements can tell a lot about a person, so I will be sharing a few… Continue Reading →

I like soccer

Yo. Today we are being forced to write this note, so yeah do what you want with that piece of info. As it said In the title I like soccer, I support Bayern Munchen, and the only thing you have… Continue Reading →

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