The Power of a Pencil – A Maker post

Hi and welcome to or back to my blog! In this post I will be talking about the latest things I learnt in Maker! For this class we started off about learning about who Emily Carr was. She was a Canadian artist and writer that was inspired by Indigenous people around the Pacific Northwest coast. She wasn’t as noticeable when she was doing Indigenous paintings until she switched to doing landscapes. But as a writer she was one of the first annalist of life in British Columbia. We learned about her because her unique techniques made us more inspired to make our own art.

SKILL 1: Using pressure

This was our first class still and we needed to learn about the different ways a stroke will look with the amount of pressure you put down. First we needed to know about what tools we had, with Ms. Maxwell we played around with all the brushes and tools. Then we were told that we needed to make our own pattern. This was just to play around with the brushes and making a pattern because after that we needed to make your own name in block letters with a combination of straight and curvy lines.

Here is my pattern and my name in bubble letters!

I chose the background colours for may bubble letter name because I love the colour of the ocean and the ocean itself. I also used magenta for the hearts, I did this because magenta is one of my favourite colours with any type of blue. The designs I did on the inside I tried to make it sort of flow like the ocean. The hearts on the sides of my name are just for decoration because I thought it would suit it and look nice.

SKILL 2: Doodling

This was our second class, in this class the first thing we tried was that we needed to sketch lots of circles to play around with pressure with our pencil. After we were done playing around with the pressure and tool bar we made an emoji! Then we started to learn about sketch noting. Sketch noting is where you take notes by drawing. You need to have a start and an end, to make this happen you need to draw arrows in the direction of the drawings. We started to make a doodle library for the drawings we would do, for instance peace could be a peace sign or a dove, or think could be someone thinking or a think bubble, or even grow, it could be a small plant that is growing. After this we watched a Ted Ed about it, we also did a sketch note to it.

My creations this class!

I think that next time I could make it more clear with a start and an end, but other then that I think I did good.

SKILL 3: Shading

In our third class we learned about shading. We first needed to create a value scale, a value scale is where we needed to draw a rectangle separated it into eight sections. Then we needed to draw a circle and make it into a sphere. The second activity in the class was “Build a Bot.” For building a bot we needed to make rectangles and squares, then we needed to make sure we were shading it the right way. After we were finished that Ms. Maxwell put mugs on everyone’s table, everyone needed to take a picture, edit the photo, then draw the shapes we saw. After we did that we tried to copy the shapes an the mug the best we could, after we finished that we got into shading it.

My pieces for this class!

SKILL 4: Perspective

In our fourth class we learned a lot about perspective. We learned about vanishing points and how to make rooms and drawings more 3D. We also learned about layers. Layers are veryyyyyyy helpful, when ever I draw something I love to use layers. After we finished we needed to go outside of the classroom and find a spot to draw, I chose outside of the lockers near the Counsellor’s office. It was pretty hard because it was in a hallway, we only learned about how to make a room. After we finished we went back to class, by then it was almost time to go. Then we had to do and exit ticket, we had to write down a few questions and put them on a sticky note, after we were done we would give them to Ms. Maxwell on the way out of class.

 My pieces for this class.

SKILL 5: Using colour

In out last class we first needed to create a design brief. We needed to come up with a made up or real life company and make our own logo for them! For me I chose do do one for “Sofia’s Stickers,” I made this up. Before you made a logo you needed to finish the design brief and get it approved by Ms. Maxwell. On my design brief I said I wanted to make it with a seahorse, and so I did! Seahorses are one of my favourite animals so it was fun trying to incorporate it. (I tried to make the seahorse and “s,” can you see it?) We also needed to make semi logos, I made two. We did this until 1:00, then Ms. Maxwell’s friend, Chloe Devine, came it to talk about being a graphic designer. Then in the order of our questions we would go up one at a time, I was first, it was scary but I think I did okay. During this we needed to do a KWL (Know, Wonder, Learn) work page.

Here was my design brief and Logos!

Overall I loved this project and thought that everything we did was super fun. I think during my perspective drawing that I could make it look a little bit more realistic in the way that its more shaded and more angled. I hope to do more of this in the future because it was a super fun project, can’t wait to do more projects like this! Cya in my next post, until then, bye!

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