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Hello welcome to or back to my blog! In this post I will be talking about my most recent project in Maker! For this project we learned about movie making skills and about goals. Our driving question for this project was: “How can I use my video skills to tell a story?” I will expand more on this driving question later on in the post.

Our project was focusing on different videos we needed to make called vibrant videos. We needed to use different shots and angles for our videos as well as editing. Most videos were made in groups but the other one of them was made by ourself, this was good because we had a chance to express ourselves in different ways. 

Our first video we needed to do was a “What Inspires You Video”.

We needed to answer a few questions and had to use movie making skills to make it tell a story.I feel I could have done better at telling a story with videos and more photos. In the future I can look back and learn from this. I enjoyed the process of making this video and here is a link to it on YouTube!

For our second video we needed to make a silent film in groups our teacher picked for us. For this video we needed to show tons of different angles and shots, just like the other video we also needed our video to tell a story. This video we needed it to show a “goal getters” story. A goal getter story was something where you set a big goal and accomplished it. This is either one from a book we were reading or one we made on our own. Our group chose to do one from the book. For this video I feel our group could have done better at listening to others ideas but over all we did pretty good. Anyways here is a link to the video on YouTube!

Here is a short summery of the video:

A boy was playing with his toys and his mom needed to take him for a check up at the hospital. They doctor ended up finding out he had a bad illness and had to stay at the hospital. While at the hospital he would walk around but always trip on the medicine pol. A while later he stayed strong and beat the illness. Once he got back to school his teacher assigned them to invent something that would be beneficial for people today. The boy decided to make a back pack that could hold the medicine inside it, his goal was to help lots of kids with the same illness as him. His teacher liked it so much he gave it to a big company which then raised $50,000 for it. Lots of kids then use it and the boy is very happy in the end.

We also had to do another group video to play in the background for our Humanities exhibition. We needed to show lots of shots and lots of facts about what group you were in. I was in the History group so I needed to share lots of facts on how history from the west has effected us today. Anyways here it is: 

My class was assigned to do another group video but I am away in Hawaii so I wouldn’t able to help. If you would like to see what people made feel free to check out my friend Kira’s Blog!
On a side note if you have been reading since last year you should know that one of my geek out posts was wanting to come here! On my post I said a few fun places to go and so far I have gone to three! So far I have gone to: Honolulu Zoo, Hanauma Bay, and Pearl Harbour. They all were really fun places to go to and I am so glad I could visit them! The next place I will be going to is Diamond Head and I will be hiking in on Thursday! Sadly I can’t go to Punalau’u Black Sand Beach because it isn’t on the island I’m on but I am grateful for doing all these fun activities while I stay here. Anyways here are some photos from the Honolulu Zoo:

Here are some photos from Hanauma Bay:

Here are some photos from Pearl Harbour:

And lastly here are some of my favourite photos I have taken here:

Anyways, circling back to the goal part of the project I want to talk about how we learned about what SMART goals are and that we mainly focused on a book called, “What Do You Really Want?” By: Beverly K. Bachel. It talks about why goals matter and how to make a goal efficiently.

In her book she talks about lots of things but I would like to say a few things about SMART goals and talk a little bit about what they are. 

SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable/Achievable, Reachable, and Time. We needed to make SMART goals that went by every single action. Personally I have been wanting to get my over hand serve in volleyball so I made my goal about that. Here is my example:

We then had to make a goal ladder to show steps on how to achieve the goal. Here is a rough draft of my goal ladder:

I then made it better with cool visuals and bright colours. My drawing shows how I can grow into making my over hand serve possible! Here it is:

Overall this project was really fun while I was there working on it. I liked learning with the book “What Do I Really Want?” and being able to do videos again like last year.

But I would like to touch on the driving question before I get into the conclusion. The driving question, “How can I use my video skills to tell a story,” I have used different skills such as: editing, listening, collaborating. I used these skills to help the video show a beginning, middle, and end. I feel that working in the groups was great so we can have different perspectives on how to tell a story. 

Even though I was using my movie making skills I feel like I could have worked on was probably focusing/getting distracted less. I tend to get really distracted sometimes and I hope that in the future I can learn to get better at that. I’m happy with how well I listened to my group members and how well I was at being inclusive. But now I know what to work on in the future. Thank you so much for reading and I will see you in my next post!

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