Save Juno Beach! 🪖

Hello, welcome to or back to my blog! In this post, I’ll be talking about my most recent project in Humanities! We learned and focused on Canada’s crucial role in WWII and how important it is.
This brings me to the driving question of this project, which is: “Why is it so important to learn about Canada’s involvement in WWII?”
We started off the project by watching a gruesome film about D-Day, this made me see truly how bad the battlefield was. (The name of the movie: Save Juno Beach- Saving Private Ryan.) We continued to learn about D-Day because of how important this battle was for Canada and did an exercise. We wrote about how the video made us feel and what it made us think about. We also had to give an opinion on a proposed luxury condo development on that very beach.
Here is what I wrote:

We became more in-depth about what historical significance is and were able to form a strong argument about Canada’s role in WWII because our final product was going to be an essay. We learned a lot about Canada’s involvement and was tested through Kahoots. After this, we learned more about how to create a strong thesis and an essay outline. Once we got our thesis approved we could move on to the outline, we had three sections in our document for evidence that our thesis could connect to. Here is what I made:

But before I moved on from the outline to the actual essay I got the privilege to help out with the bulletin board for Remembrance Day. I worked on it with Gwyneth and Kira and created a memorial. We got everyone in our class to write a few sentences about our driving question, then we cut them out to become clouds. We made two gravestones to explain what this creation means and we also cut many poppies out as a symbol of the lest we forget.
Here is what the memorial looks like and my answer to the driving question:

Now let’s return to when I was talking about my assignments. Once you finish your essay outline you can proceed to start your essay, which is exactly what I did. My main topics, as you might have seen from the outline, were the economy in the 1920s to the Great Depression, Canadians’ impacts, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Once I finished my first draft of my essay I got 3 people to help me revise it and make it something I am even more proud of. After all the work I put into it I feel confident in it and I’m very glad that I asked that many people to critique it. Here is my final draft:

Humanities WW2 Essay

Overall I’m very happy with my work and how much effort I put into this project. I can say that this is my most official essay and the best one I’ve ever made. If I had to work on something I could work on spacing out my assignments and doing them more ahead of time. I think I’ve done a good job coming into Tutorial Time, but making more of an effort at home would be beneficial for the next project. I enjoyed learning about the Second World War, can’t wait to find out what my next project will be about. Thanks for reading, have a great day!

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