March 9


Hey I’m Ben and I’m going to talk about festivities that go on at my house.

This of course, is the festivities of Super Bowl Sunday!! Every year my family put everything aside to make sure we can watch it even if our teams aren’t playing. We bake a cake,  tape the logo of the team we are cheering for on our shirts if our favourite teams aren’t playing, we order pizza and wings, and make a question sheet on what we think will happen in the game. Once when I was 6 I got the most questions right at a party and got a MASSIVE bag filled with Skittles!


every year my mom makes a delicious cake for the super bow! The cake is shaped like a football and we put both teams names on it and what super bowl it is! However, this year we only put Tampa Bay on it because I am a HUGE Buccaneers fan and requested that there would be no Chiefs on it.






chocolate or cocoa powder


baking powder



I don’t know the measurements but that is what we put in it!

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    1. beny (Post author)

      You should! I don’t know the amount of each ingredient but you can probably find it somewhere on Google! There is also an icing recipe that I might post later 👀


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