January 7

French Revolution 🇫🇷🥖

We have now finished the final PLP 9 Humanities project of 2021. The project was a trial based off a major revolution in history. We went to court and had to explain how the revolution you were given was either effective or ineffective. The group I was in was given the French Revolution and had to explain how it was effective.

We kicked off this project with this thing called “Nation X”. Basically the class was split into 4 groups,, group 1 were the really poor people, group 2 were the store owners, group 3 was police, and group 4 was the government. Some how, I was put in the government and had a very corrupt nation, my great leadership led to the people storming the capital. It was pretty fun and kinda funny how bad of a government I had.

We then started reading George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”. We would read a couple chapters at home then we would discuss what we thought about those chapters, any questions we had, what we think will happen, etc. I thought the book was ok, not incredible, but not horrible.

Then we were put in our revolution groups. I as mentioned before, I was given the. French Revolution. For the first couple of days, we just discussed what we knew about the revolution. Then we met with the French group in the other class to start building our script. We obviously did many run-throughs before it was time to present.

We would be presenting in front of our family and friends at the PLP Winter Exhibition. I was playing the role as a lawyer. During the presentation, I thought I did half decent, the lights on the crowd were dimmed so you couldn’t see the people watching. I think that helped a lot because I hate presenting in front of people.

Overall, this project was really fun and I would totally want to do it again!

Watch our presentation here!

November 29

Correlation vs causation

We have now finished our second project in scimatics 9. This project was on Correlation and Causation. For this project we had to make a graph based of the data we got from surveys we made.

We started this project off with making 10 questions that we would put in our survey. We would then put our questions into a survey on google forms. Once we finished making our surveys we printed QR codes that go to our survey and put them up around the school. Then, we waited for answers, Colton and I got a total of 23 responses on survey 1 and 52 on survey 2.

We did get a good amount of responses to work with, so here are our graphs:

Planning and Conducting:

I think we accomplished this competency. We conducted 2 surveys and did end up finding correlation in both of them. We used Numbers to create our graphs and Google Forms to make our surveys.

Communicating and representing:

We presented our surveys to the class and were able to clearly explain what we were asking, and the correlation we found in our graphs. We were also able to use images to explain correlation and causation.

Applying and Innovating:

I think we accomplished this competency too. We made good surveys and used our class time somewhat efficiently.

I really enjoyed this project. I thought it was super fun. I hope we do a project similar to this one sometime soon.

October 26

People And The Environment

Hey everyone,

I just wrote about our first project in Sci-Matics so know it’s time to talk about our first project in humanities, “People And The Environment”. For this project, we had to pick an issue with the environment and write to someone in the government. I chose to write to Johnathan Wilkinson about water pollution and illegal dumping. Something different about this project was instead of having 5 or 6 milestones we only had 3 with a few stepping stones along the way.

This project started with a simple topic pitch, pretty simple. As I mentioned in the sci-matics blog post, I was sick for the first few days so my topic pitch wasn’t that good to start with, it wasn’t that specific, it was just “water pollution”. I got some help from the teachers, did some research and boom, I had my topic, “Illegal Dumping In BC Waters”.

Then we moved on to the Letter Plan Conference. For this we had to have research on our topic, who we were writing to, and any other questions we had. Going into the conferences I wasn’t sure on who to write to but coming out of the conference I had decided to write to Johnathan Wilkinson.

We then moved on to reading and writing activities on CommonLit. For this we would read a story that relates to our project (People And The Environment) then answer questions about the story. I am not the best writer out there but I do feel as the CommonLit activities went on my writing improved. We also did a vocabulary quiz on CommonLit which was pretty easy as I was able to get 100%. The very last thing we did with CommonLit was this thing called CommonLit Connections. For CommonLit Connections we had to relate one of the stories to our letter. I connected the story about a guy named Lee Sherman who’s company was asking him to dumb all of their trash into to local bayou, the obvious connection with my letter is that I wrote about illegal dumping.

And after all of this, we finally got to finish our letters and have them mailed. For mailing the letter we didn’t just give them to our teacher to take to the post office, we actually walked down to Deep Cove village and mailed them ourselves. Even though it was raining I thought it was really cool that we got to mail them ourselves, and it does beat sitting in a classroom all day!

Photo of me and some friends mailing our letters:

Well, that just about wraps up my blog post for this project! Hope you enjoyed!

October 18

First project of grade 9

Hey everyone, I have returned under a new blog name (The Surrey Knights super incredible great success blog site. Ru) and in a new grade (9) and I am going to talk about the first project I have completed in the 9th grade! This project was a lot like our first project in sci-matics 8, which is making a game. Obviously this time around, there is more complex math. We had to make our game revolving around exponent laws.

Curricular Competencies:

Communicating and Representing

Our game was based of poker but with exponent laws. Every card had an exponent law and a different picture of a dog for each exponent law. How the game works is everyone gets 5 cards and the chips are given out evenly amongst all the players. The dealer starts off the game by betting any amount they want. Players can look at their cards and the rankings of the laws. The rankings of the exponent laws best to worst are: Division Law, Distributive Property Law, Exponent to Exponent Law, Coefficient Law, and Multiplication Law. Once everyone has bet, the players reveal their cards, who ever has the best hand wins the round. The player with the most amount of points at the end of the game wins. I was sick for the first few days of class so I fell behind and found the math super difficult to understand. So while my group was already starting on the game, I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on. I eventually got caught up and was still able to contribute in card design and cutting out the game chips/cards.
Example of card:

Reasoning and Analyzing

We had instructions on how you win rounds and how our chip based point system works. Each chip had either a 5, 10, 15, or 20 on it to show how many points each chip is worth. If you were playing the game in Morristown, New Jersey, then everyone realized they were in Morristown, NJ and wanted to leave, the winner of the game would be decided by whoever has the most points.

Applying and Innovating
As I mentioned before, I missed the first few days of school so I fell behind a little behind. But as I caught up this ended up being a very fun project. Designing the cards and testing our game was super fun. The biggest thing I learned from this project would be to try to stay on top of your work if you are sick!

Alright! That’s about it for now! Thanks for reading!

March 9


Hey I’m Ben and I’m going to talk about festivities that go on at my house.

This of course, is the festivities of Super Bowl Sunday!! Every year my family put everything aside to make sure we can watch it even if our teams aren’t playing. We bake a cake,  tape the logo of the team we are cheering for on our shirts if our favourite teams aren’t playing, we order pizza and wings, and make a question sheet on what we think will happen in the game. Once when I was 6 I got the most questions right at a party and got a MASSIVE bag filled with Skittles!


every year my mom makes a delicious cake for the super bow! The cake is shaped like a football and we put both teams names on it and what super bowl it is! However, this year we only put Tampa Bay on it because I am a HUGE Buccaneers fan and requested that there would be no Chiefs on it.






chocolate or cocoa powder


baking powder



I don’t know the measurements but that is what we put in it!

November 9

Advertisement project reflection


For our latest project, we split into groups of about 5 and had to choose a local Deep Cove business and make an advertisement for that business, here is me reflecting on this project.

The business my group chose A’hoy, a clothing shop in the Deep Cove village. So, we had to contact the business before we started to make sure they were okay with us creating an ad for them, then (if they said yes) we called them so we could ask them what they wanted the ad to look like, colour scheme, what product they wanted us to advertise, font, etc. Once we had finished our call, it was time to start making our ad. However, this would not be the one we would use, this, was draft 1.

Draft 1 was basically learning how to make an advertisement. We learned the amount of fonts and colours we should stick to, how many photos we should have, and other key parts to making an ad. Once we finished making our 1st draft (all individually by the way) we reported back to our group to get feedback on what was good and what we could improve. Then we would go on to draft 2.

Going in to draft 2 we had a bit more knowledge on how to make a good looking ad plus we had been given feedback from our group so we had a better idea on how the ad should look. So we went through the same process, we made the ad and went and presented it to our group. So of course we went on to draft 3.

Draft 3, was when we started thinking about the ad that we would send to our business so we needed to make the next 2 drafts our best ones yet. So we went on and made our 3rd drafts. But when we went to present them. To our group, we chose 2 things from each persons ads to put in our main one that we would send to the business.

The 4th draft was basically draft 1 of our good copy’s. These ones would be sent to the business for some feedback. These ads were worked on as a group so it was definitely a lot more complicated then our individual drafts.

We are now working on our final ad that our business will hopefully be using!
This has been a really fun yet really frustrating project but it has been fun watching all our ads progress from draft 1, to draft 4.

October 15

User Manuel project

“How can I creatively  communicate who I am”, that was what was asked of us. At the start, we got sticky notes and wrote down our “Need to Knows”, then, we we had to think of tree things about us using pictures. Next, we worked on a Memoji laptop, we used stickers on a laptop to show who we were. Then, we made a user Manuel like what an iPad would have, but as if we were the product. We did gallery walks and and 1 on 1 presentations to take critique and what we should go back and add. We focused on the PBL Gold Standerd throughout this project  

Then, to finish it all off, we got into small groups of 3 to present our memoji and user Manuel.

What i learned during this project is how to make an image transparent so i can put it on my memoji laptop and some patience Because I couldn’t get some of the apps to work properly. And here is, my User Manuel…..

User Guide: Yerxa 

Brand: athlete and student

Model: Ben Yerxa, iOS 3.8


Congratulations on your new student Ben Yerxa 3.8, commonly referred to as Ben.

Your new student comes with the following:

.Knowledge of sports

.Lots of hats

.no money whatsoever 


Before using Ben, you must understand that the hats he has, are not a waste of money, they are part of a collection. Next, you must know a bit about sports, if you do not know at least 2 things about sports or Ben will get very frustrated. ⚠️WARNING⚠️ DO NOT STEAL BENS HAT, DEVICE WILL MALFUNCTION! 


Ben is accessible most of the time. The only time that Ben is not accessible is during a Milwaukee Brewers playoffs game (unless you want to watch it with him 😉). Yerxa 3.8 is found mostly found at Lids or if Lids is closed, he is in his room ordering hats online. During school hours, Ben can be contacted via beny@seycove.ca or via i message. After school, Ben can be contacted via his instagram account (@b.yerx38). If he is not responding, please do not spam with text or call or the device will break Down.


Yerxa 3.8 has 4 settings

  1. Watching the Brewers
  2. Collecting hats
  3. Normal person
  4. Sport mode 

Setting 1: watching the brewers

When in watching the Brewers mode, Ben does not want to be bothered especially if they are losing. If spoken to while watching the brewers, you will be ignored or asked to go away. However, if you are watching the game WITH Ben, that is a different story, he will be fine with a bit of conversation as long as you know that he is trying to watch the game.

Setting 2: collecting hats

When Ben is collecting hats he is often in his room trying to decide what hat to get, this process could take up to a month. Yerxa 3.8 mostly collects hats from MiLB teams such as the Hillsboro hops, Tacoma rainiers, cola fireflies, Clinton lumber kings, West Virginia power etc. Yerxa 3.8 sometimes will get a hat from a pro team but he mainly stick with minor league teams.

Setting 3: normal person

When yerxa 3.8 is in this mode, he is just a regular human being, he’s not collecting hats, he’s not watching the brewers, and he’s not going on a random rant about the birds aren’t real campaign. You can talk to him, text him, go to the gas station and get a way over priced soda pop. When in this mode, he is just like me and you,,.. well, most of the time.

Setting 4. Sport mode

When yerxa 3.8 is in this mode, he of course, is playing sports. There’s many different levels to sport mode.

  1. School yard. School yard sports mode is just like normal mode, but while playing sports. It’s not that competitive and is just for fun.
  2. With friends. When in with friends sport mode, the level of competitiveness (made up word by Yerxa 3.8) goes a bit up. This mode is enhanced in games of mini hockey.
  3. League. The League sports setting is really competitive, its is enhanced before, during, and after a league hockey game. In this mode, yerxa 3.8 is locked in and focused on his upcoming game.


. fuels with Dr. Pepper and Orange Vanilla Coke

. Constantly check Milwaukee brewers stats to stay updated on the best team in the MLB (the best team in yerxa 3.8s opinion)

. Always be on the lookout for deals on hats at MiLB.com

. Listen to country music


problem Soloution
The Milwaukee brewers are losing and he is freaking out Slowly and calmly walk away, you do not want to be near him
A hat Ben wants doesn’t ship to canada Help him find one that does or give him an address in the US that he can ship to
Yerxa 3.8 is going on a random rant about the Hartford Buck, birds aren’t real, etc. Enjoy this because it is very amusing
Ben is asking for $30 Do not give! Ben will spend on hat in 10 seconds