Welcome back to my amazing blog. Today for you, I have a math post about polynomials.

Your probably asking yourself, what is a polynomial? Well all that and more will be answered in this post.

This unit the project was to create something that can be expressed using an equation which features a polynomial. A polynomial is an equation made up of terms. A term is a number, variable or number and a variable. Here is an example of a polynomial.

But as you know for math and science unit we have a mind map that we have to do here is what I knew before and what I knew after.

My partner was Aedan and we decided to do our project based around hockey as we both enjoy the sport. For our project we decided to make an equation/ equations about how much a hockey player makes after tax. We used Elias Pettersson as an example.

As you can see hackney players still make money just not as much as everyone thinks.

Curricular competencies 

As for all science and math post we also have to list competencies that we thought were shown in our project.

1. Connect mathematical concepts to each other and to other areas and personal interests. We showed this in our project by making the main idea about hockey, as me and Aedan both enjoy the sport.

2. Visualize to explore mathematical concepts. This was shown in our project with the equation and just the unit in general as there were some questions that involved blocks.

3. Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms. This was in our project because we had the letters(variables) be symbols for what they represented.

4. Communicate mathematical thinking in many ways. We showed this in our project as we correctly used the right vocabulary during our presentation.

So that’s all for this post I hope you enjoyed 👋

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