Hey guys✌️! I’m back! How was your winter break? Mine was pretty cool, but enough small talk. Today we are talking about…(drumroll) Christianity! Well technically it’s my Christianity project but let’s begin anyways. 

The project was to create a poster about a certain religion’s worldview. Before this we did another project on our worldview. We made an explain everything where we explained our worldview. We were then put into groups and told our religion. The religion my group was assigned was Christianity. We were then shown some examples of good posters to give us some inspiration for our posters. 


For our very first draft we made a wire frame it was a ver simple draft with almost no detail and all layout. It consisted of one giant cross (we were planning to do a timeline of Christianity inside it) and some spaces to put facts. As you can see it was truly terrible, but luckily that was just the first draft.

For draft two we tried to bring our wire frame to life. We tried to make the cross timeline wire but every time we tried it still looked clunky and disorganized. We also had far to many words, and not enough images. But after we had received so critique from our classmates and teachers, we started a third draft.

For draft three we decided to try a background with colour and some form of a colour scheme. We also decreased the text and improved our sentences. We showed the design to our classmates and they liked the layout, but they weren’t sold on the colour scheme, so we made draft five!


For our final draft we kept the layout of draft 3 but  completely redid the colour scheme. We choose a lighter pastel colour scheme using the ombré yellow background to represent the light of god. We also made all the colours our images lighter. 

I personally really liked my groups final product. I thought our final draft had a good colour scheme and layout. I also thought our groups poster made some really interesting and valid points about Christian worldview. This project taught me a lot about how religions have a very different worldview then your average atheist. It also taught me a lot about how to make a good and interesting poster. The one thing I would improve on this project was my team’s communication. Sometimes not everyone had a role or knew what was fully happening. Overall I’m very proud of my groups poster, and I found all the things we learned about interesting! 


         Well bye for now