Hi! Guess what, I went and did something! For this lil project I got to do something super fun! I got to attend a live event and record it! The event I picked was a climbing practice at the Hive Surrey bouldering gym. This wasn’t really a special practice but it was very fun. Basically the task for this project was to film any live event and then make a video about it. For this project we focussed on three core competencies which are actually ISTE standards but I’ll call them competencies just avoid confusion. The first competency was empowered learner, then creative communicator, then navigating ideas. These were all pretty interesting competencies for me, so lucky for you you get to hear all about them, from me!

This image represents my goal for this video, to spread my message!


Alrighty then friends, if you’re still with me at this point I guess you probably want to, or are going to hear about the first competency I learned about which was, empowered learner. This competency is all about leveraging technology to achieve your learning goal. My learning goal for this video was to show people about how cool my sport is using the super cool technology that I have. My goal is to show a clear message and spread the word about climbing using the incredible technology that is my iPad. Timmy climbing is an extremely underrated sport and I like to show it off to more people because I think it’s super cool. But in order to show off my sport I had to learn how to use technology better to showcase climbing. One of the big things I did was try to use the incredible camera that I have on my phone. I use that technology to be able to record interesting shots that were filled with action so that I can interest people. Using this incredible technology help me achieve my goal and has made it possible to share my passion with more people.

One of my more creative little addons to my video.


My second competency for this project was creative communicator. This competency was all about creatively communicating your message to the world using a variety of digital tools. This was the competency that I really connected with and liked. The reason why I found this competency so easy and fun is because basically our entire project was based around it! We had almost complete creative freedom for this project and I had a lot of fun with it. I got to really communicate my love for climbing and the message that it’s a cool sport. I did this by really showing some of the action that goes on the climbing with the epic shots I got to take. I got to showcase why climbing is so interesting because I had so much freedom to be creative with what I did. For instance I did a lot of really cool jump shots that were not necessary at all but they were one of my creative ways of showing climbing off. I also got to do things like make my own title and finish cards to just put some extra care into the video and have a little bit more creativity included. 

This photo was taken by someone that wasn’t me (obviously) but it was a bit of a risk! (Also sorry for the blurryness)


Our final competency is navigating ideas. This competency has three parts so I’ll take you through them one at a time. The first part of this competency is Taking creative risks and generating ideas. Now the creative risks part of this competency wasn’t too hard I ended up taking a lot of creative risks over the course of this project but the harder part was generating ideas. For creative risks of course I tried some weird angles and tried to take shots of interesting places but the main big risk I took was actually letting a lot of other people film. I had such a solid plan for what I needed that I was able to direct my friends who were on the wall and filming at the same time to get the best possible shots. If it was too hard for me to talk to whoever was climbing as well as who was filming at the same time, I would often pass the camera to a friend and direct them both on what they were doing. I did of course film about half the shots myself. But there were a lot of really cool shots that I don’t think I would’ve filmed if it was just me. Some of my climbing team members had prior camera and video experience that allowed them to have a really cool eye for finding interesting shots that I hadn’t even written down. And although this was a bit of a risk because I wasn’t in control of all the shots, I think it ended up going pretty well. For the other half of the start part of this competency it was all about generating ideas. At first I thought this was going to be easy but it turned out I was pretty dry on ideas. Luckily I had a bit of a solution. I consulted with some of my team members and got some more ideas. They were Of course not it was the most polished ideas but I learned to build on them to come up with the best possible ideas for my video.

My video plan!


For the second and third part of this video things took a turn. We moved from the more creative side of the video to the more strategical side of the video. The second part of this competency class to do with planning and looking at Ideas and planning them out in the best possible way. I think I did a really good job of this in my video plan. I was very careful about planning out my shots and figuring out when I would need to do them in my climbing. I planned out the session as a whole and figured out when I need to film shots so that I could do my best in the shot and avoid injuring myself. Because in climbing certain moves can really injure you depending on how warmed up you are, and I was planning to do several of those moves in my video. So I had to find good times to do them. I also had to figure out a way to film without being obnoxious and distracting my coaches while they were trying to teach. It took quite a bit of planning and a bit of a adjusting on the day but I managed to do it and I didn’t hurt myself or disrupt my coaches (not to much at least). It was a good lesson on how to be flexible though because I must say several of my ideas couldn’t happen during the day or I couldn’t find a time to make them work. So I just had to adjust and film different shots or do the same thing in a different way. 

Me recording without a mic…


For the final part of this final competency we’re gonna talk about something a little different. I would still technically call it planning, but just for something else. And the final part of this competency “navigating ideas” was to do with identifying the technologies, tools, and things I would need to make this video come together. Now I thought this was going to be easy, but actually I think I didn’t do too well on this competency. Even though I had planned my video “perfectly” I didn’t end up planning what I needed all too well. I of course knew the technology that I needed to use. I needed my phone, iPad, and the editing software and drawing platforms that I used afterwards. But the one key thing I really needed to bring was a mic. And you’ll never guess what I did. I forgot the mic… Yeah you got it right, I had planned every shot in the video, I had remembered my phone and iPad, I had figured out the times in the day when I needed to film certain shots, but I did not bring the mic for the mandatory interview I needed. Luckily this video was still a success and I did manage to get my interview, but this was definitely a learning moment and not something I would like to do again. Maybe in the future I can set reminders so that I remember to bring these things but more importantly I should just be able to know that if I don’t get these shots, I’m probably not gonna get another chance to get them. 

There’s my final video!

In conclusion I had quite a lot of fun with this project. It was a good finishing video to my term of constant videos and definitely gave me a couple more skills to work with in the the future. It’ll also serve as a reminder to not forget my stuff because you usually don’t get a second chance. Already folks I’m outta here but I’m sure I’ll see you in the very, very near future.

видимо се касније!

(See you later in Serbian)