Hello friends, and welcome to week six of the student blogging challenge. Now I must say this was a pretty wild week! And it focussed all around the main subject of emoji‘s. For this week I had to pick three of the four tasks to do with emojis and carry them out. For the three tasks I picked I chose making an emoji math puzzle, doing some emoji art, and an emoji guessing game.

The first task I started off with was my emoji art. I really wanted to do this because I really like drawing and being creative. I decided to draw my three favourite emoji’s the 🌻 emoji, the ✨ emoji, and the ☀️ emoji. I drew these images on a drawing app called sketches pro. I put a photo of the original emojis on one layer of the drawing and then added a separate layer above and traced the emojis. I had a lot of fun with this task and I’d be happy to do it again.

The second task I did was an emoji math puzzle. Basically I had to make each fruit worth a certain amount and make some equations to let you guys figure out my final equation. I made this math puzzle on the Pages app. If I had a bit more time I think I would like to draw all the emojis out instead, but I settled for just typing them. Make sure you say your answer in the comments!

My final task that I did for week six was an emoji guessing game. I have chosen a set of emoji’s that add up to make words in a puzzle format. Some of the words sound like the emoji‘s, but some of them the emoji‘s just hint at the final word. The words I chose were mostly to do with animals, nature, or food. Put the answers in the comments and tell me if you think they were good equations or not!

All right guys I think that’s a wrap, but I had a lot of fun on this week of the student blogging challenge and hopefully I’ll see you next week. And just as a final leaving question what’s your favourite emoji? Tell me in the comments!

See y’all later,