Hi, welcome to another post please forgive my lack of vocabulary, this post was written in the morning. Today’s post is all about polynomials, and the project we did about polynomials. For this project we could make anything we liked, with any driving question we wanted, as long as it related to polynomials. My group (Asha, and Ciara) and I decided to recreate a social credit system, using polynomial equations to calculate scores. We decided to make a simulation of the system so that we could give the class a demonstration of what a social credit system would be like, and the driving question that went along with it was, how can we use a social credit system to show polynomial equations?

Our first curricular competency was understanding and solving. Basically this competency was all about understanding the math and knowing how to solve problems. I think I most definitely achieve this competency in this project as I understood polynomials very well, I did pretty good on the unit test, and I was able to solve almost every polynomial problem we did in the practice sheets.

Our second competency was communicating and representing. This competency was about making your presentation concise, interactive, and enjoyable for the viewers, as well as also using correct mathematical language. I think my group did a really good job of that with our simulation of the credit system, became it was very interactive for the rest the class, and our presentation was very clear and well made. I also think we did use quite a bit of mathematical language, we just could’ve used more.

For our third competency we will be talking about connecting and reflecting. This competency was about original work and ideas that were personalized to you and your group. I think this was probably our best aspect in the entire project, as our topic was very original. We just happen to be interested in this subject, so we took it and made a quite odd project but one that we really enjoyed and connected with.

For the final competency we have applying and innovating. This competency is about using your time wisely and working with your group members. I think this was my groups weakest competency this project. Because although we got the work done and it was pretty well-made, I think we could used our time a lot better. If we had gotten the project done sooner we could’ve added little bits here and there, to improve its quality overall. But I think it turned out good, it just took us a little longer than it should’ve to finish it.

Already folks thanks for tuning in about this project and I’ll see you in the near future, but hopefully not too near.