An average post about avoiding copyright on images

This is a post instructing you on how to check if an image you have found on Google are copyright protected or not.

Here are a few ways to check.

1. Does it have a watermark? A watermark is a transparent, usually white company logo or name put on an image when uploaded. For example most all stock images you will find online will have a watermark. If you use a watermarked image without the creators written permission, then you are breaking the copyright laws and you may even be brought to court.

2. Does it have a © symbol? The © symbol simply means that you do not own an image and can not legally use it. So, if you find an image with a © symbol, keep looking.

3. Does the image have a link or a persons name on it? If an image you find on google has one of those skip over it and keep looking for a suitable image.
These were 3 quick, simple, and easy ways to determine if an image is copyrighted! Thanks for reading.

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