An average post about my Tectonics Book

Hey guys, this is a different kind of post from usual as it is not a post from the SBC. This is a post from my class. It’s about my tectonics book.

These are some of the questions I had at. The beginning of the project along with my answers I found along the way

One of the curricular competencies was having an understanding and appreciation for the evidence gathered about plate tectonics. I think I used this skill to understand and gather much more information than I could have otherwise.

Another curricular competency was to demonstrate a sustained curiosity about a scientific topic of personal interest. This one is very important because it can tell you whether you actually wanted to learn what this unit had to offer or not. I think that at i was absorbed in the topic at hand and really wanted to make a good tectonics. That in itself required a lot of knowledge about plate tectonics in general.

This was the big idea of the project. “The theory of plate tectonics is the unifying theory that explains Earth’s geologic processes.” It think that this is the most a important part of the project simply because it is the thing that we are striving to understand and learn about. I think that i now understand and can mostly explain the theory of plate tectonics in a descriptive way.

The final curricular competency was to contribute to care for self, others, community, and world through personal or collaborative approaches. I think that I showed this by making an age-appropriate, fun, easy to understand book that would be good for a grade 4-5 person.

This is my book!

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