An average post about photos

This is a post about our most recent maker project. It was called witness to history, and was about showing an aspect of our current lives with photos. I’ll be skimming over most of this project because it was all mostly focused on the product itself.

Milestones 1-4: these milestones were all to get us ready to take our photo essay, for example milestone 4, the storyboard. This was meant to be a rough idea of where the and how the photos and their respective angles would be.

Here’s my storyboard (sorry for the messy writing)

Now for the real photo essay. This was where all the work we’ve done so far went to.

Be an empowered learner: this competency is based on using technology to further your understanding of your learning. I think that I showed this by using the technology I was given to make a product I am proud of.
Be an active digital citizen: this competency is very similar to the other one being that it’s related to technology. This one was about connecting to the world with technology. I think that I did this by showing the perspective of a group of people on current events.
Thanks for reading this far! Until next time!

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