Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

My grade 9 year has been an exciting year for my learning adventure there have been many ups and downs and lots to reflect about.

The question I’m trying to answer in this post is Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level? 

I think I just barely made it past grade 9 and I realize that now and I know something needs to change for grade 10. For grade 10 I have created a list of 4 goals that I hope to follow for the whole of grade 10 the goals are: 

1: Write it down which means any time I get assigned a project or assignment I will write it down and set a time limit for which each part of the project needs to be done so I never forget what I have been assigned. I will use things on my phone

2: create a standard, what I mean by creating a standard is to make every piece of work that I make be accomplished which is sunshine. 

3: Ask for help when I need it this is a big thing that I’ve wanted to work on my whole high school career and id say that I’ve grown in this subject but it could be better so this will remain a goal for the next year 

4: Put effort into my work put 100% of all my effort into my work


I will follow these goals by writing them down on my white board in my room so that I see them every day

I’m least proud of my museum reflection sheet because I was tired it was a long year and I was worn out and saved it to the very end which caused me to create something I wasn’t proud of. If I had to do it differently I would plan my time more accordingly and put it more effort.

The most interesting thing I’ve learned so far this year had to be the board game I made with Keaton it was super interesting using my creative thinking skill creating game rules and a 3D board game. I had a lot of fun playing my game with the grade 8s and seeing how fun it was. If I had to do it differently I would make are rules make more sense. Here’s a photo of our board 


If I could change something about my learning this year would be my work ethic because I know I can do a lot better and put out work that shows who I am. Instead, I put out work that looks sloppy and bland. One thing that I’ve noticed from my fellow PLP students is that they take agency over their learning it shows in their work. 

The skill that I expanded on the most is my collaborating skill I used this skill anytime I was in a group so its very important at the beginning of my PLP journey this skill wasn’t very strong but throughout my two years and especially grade 9 I have grown this skill and I think it shows I work well groups and share my thoughts.

The skill I would like to grow on for next year would be my reflective thinking skill this skill I wish this skill was a lot better because I know how important it is to reflect on my learning and my classmates. a good reflection can go a long way on a piece of work that is low quality. Next year I want to reflect on each piece of my work and make sure it is up to my standard.

This year year I have managed my time poorly I made the mistake of not writing things down  which is why it is one of my main goals for grade 10. I believe if I can manage my time properly I will be able to hand in all of my assignments on time and complete them to the best of my abilities.



Exhibition blog post

This was my last exhibition of grade 9 in this exhibition I played my keynote slide show wich was a interactive slide show about WW1 and I’d say people enjoyed at least I hope they did. My exhibition group was about myth and reality of WW1 a quick explanation myth is propaganda telling men that war is good and clean and you will be a hero. But reality is that war is a gruesome act that kills millions of soldiers but also killl innocent civilians. In my opinion I think my group did really well and our room turned out looking great. We had started to learn about WW1 weeks Before the exhibition even started we learned about propaganda and many other things. But we also learned about how to make museum exhibits, we went to a museum in the key about the history of vancouver and that gave us a lot of ideas for exhibits of our own so when we came back we started to brainstorm ideas of what are exhibits will look like. The driving question to this project was: How can we make the contrasting narratives of war come alive for an audience? My answer to this question is. The narratives of war come alive for an audience involves a combination of storytelling techniques, immersive experiences, and emotional approaches. 

Thanks for reading my last blog post for grade 9 besides my tpol.

Here are some photos of the exhibition 


In this humanities project, we were introduced into the world of sewing. With the goal of answering how sci-fi/fantasy fiction can help us imagine a different future.

We started with sewing, where we learned how to create stuffed animals using other random stuffed animals as our inspiration. We were tasked with transforming the old and trashed into something new and unique. 

After exploring sewing, we started to read  Scott Westerfeld’s “Leviathan.” This novel set in an alternate World War I era world make us think about the impact of technology on society. We were challenged to think about the possibilities of what could have been and what could be, and how our actions in the present can shape our future.

As part of our project, we were also tasked with creating a movie trailer that showcased the themes and ideas we had learned from watching other movie trailer’s and our own knowledge. However me and Keaton I decided to take it a step further and create a short story together. We were excited to work on a project together as we love to work togather and when we do we produce a good product. We used are creative ideas to bring a story that showcased are creativity.

Through our project, we discovered how sci-fi/fantasy fiction can help us imagine a different future. These genres allow us to explore new worlds and possibilities. By stepping into these alternate realities, we are able to create a different future and consider how our actions now  can shape it.

In conclusion, our humanities project taught us valuable skills in creativity. and critical thinking. By combining the art of sewing and literature we were able to explore the possibilities of imagination and the power of sci-fi/fantasy fiction.

Thank you for reading my blog I hope you return for the next.

Here is the link for the short story we made-


“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

As you know I dont like learning and I dont put much effort into my work I usually just do the bare minimum. so my goal for for next semester is to put all of my effort into my work I also want to take more control over my learning by not getting distracted as much and asking for help when I need it. Asking for help more often was one of my goals last year and I’ve been working on it but it could be better so putting my hand up more often is on my goals list. To take control over my learning and become the best learner possible I have a goals list on this list I have: asking for help, paying attention ie not talking to my freinds,  and putting 100 percent of my effort into my work. To complete these goals I am going to have them writing down were I can see them. and if I find my self not folling these goals I will stop what im doing and regroup and get back on track. I feel like I could do better at my social awareness and responsibility skill becasue I think that being collaborative in groups is very important later on and will help me throughout high school. To work on this skill whenever im in a group with anybody I will engage and help them to the best of my abilities. My most improved on skill would have to be my personal awareness and responsibility skill becasue from the beginning of the year to now I have relized that I am in control of my body and actions better. I have aslo found that I can catch my self before I say or do somthing dumb.

Humanities This semester in Humanities we had two projects: Storm The Barricades and The Power Of Geography. Both these projects stretched my skills to the max. The power of geography made me so tired and sick of doing work that for the start of Storm the Barricades I didn’t want to do anything, but halfway through I started to actually pay attention. Paying attention helped me become engaged in the work and my work was so much better. I took that energy and I put it into the two final posts for these projects and I made my two favourite posts that I think are the best ones I have ever made. For next semester my goal is to take this and put it into all my work. In this class my most improved skill was communication. I say this because I have increased my inner circle to more people and I’ve engaged in even more conversations then I ever have. 

Science This semester in science we did 3 projects. I’m only going to focus on two because in the time of writing this we have not finished Exciting Electricity. The two projects we did finish are “Handle With Care” and “Life As We Know It”. Both of these projects weren’t very fun to me because I had no interest in them. But this last project Exciting Electricity sounds super fun and I’m going to try my absolute hardest like I did with the two final blog posts. In Life As We Know It I stretched my creative thinking. Almost all of the assignments we did involved creative thinking, for example we made comics, 3D diagrams and videos. In science I could’ve  done much better in my opinion. I could’ve done better at listening, taking notes and completing my assignments to the best of my abilities. In this last project which is the one where doing at the time of writing this I have put all my effort in and it showed I was the first person to finish there operation game and it worked because I put in all my effort.

Maker This semester in maker we did 4 projects these 4 projects many focused on making videos we made many small videos and then we made two big videos one was a documentary on your chosen topic and the other was a stop motion video of a viral video. The stop motion project I was with makai we made lego version of a car race, I am pretty proud of what we did I did most of the filming and makai did the editing in that project I used my personal awareness and responsibility skill because I had to time everything out since we only had a limited time to make a movie so my original plans wouldn’t work becasue of the time restrictions. I also used my creative thinking skill when designing the models. It seems like I’ve used my creative thinking skill a lot in all of my projects and I think thats why im going to move it up a level on my learning plan chart. In this class I couldve done better at every thing while some things where good other things I think I couldve done much better at.

With all this being said I think this was a successful semester that I did really well at and next semester I will do even better 


 Exciting electricity in this project are goal was to make a fully functional custom operation game we did this alone but we could work along side eachother. I used a old shoe box that keoton gave me I then wrapped the box with black paper and made the top blue I then designed the shape that would be on top of my box I chose a hockey stick and puck. I printed it out cut it and coloured it then I glued it to the top of my box. I then cut the holes for the game pieces and put tin foil on the bottom of the box. Then I made the circuit which was the hardest part but not for me I was the first person to successfully build the circuit I im pretty proud of my self.

In this project I used my creative thinking skill to design a appealing box and my collaborating skill when helping my friends with their box. I think I deserve a sunshine because I made a successful box and circuit.

Here you will see some photos and a video of my box working IMG_2461

Roller coaster

The roller coaster blog post begins with the challenge of creating a roller coaster with a limited budget of one million dollars. My team, composed of Cam L, Mackenzie, and Evangeline, worked together to design and build a functional roller coaster with a corkscrew and many turns. Despite the limitations, we managed to come in second place in the competition.

Throughout the project, I utilized my creative thinking skills to come up with innovative ideas for the roller coaster’s design. However, I realize that I could have done better in terms of paying attention to the needs of my group members and assisting them more effectively.

In conclusion, this roller coaster project was a valuable and fun learning experience for me as it allowed me to put my creative thinking skills to the test while working with a team. Despite some areas for improvement, I am proud of the final product and the success we achieved as a team.

Here are some photos and video of this project

IMG_2450 IMG_2451

Lego stop motion

The year is 2022 Jon a professional lego race car driver is racing for the championship it looks like its going to be a clear win but wait he slips he flips over oh no he’s going to lose he brings his car into the pits he fixes it in record time he’s back out on the track. Jon passes  everybody and is now in second place he comes up on the Ferrari he moves to the outside lane and passes him Jon wins he his world champion once again. But wait it wasn’t real, a child made it. Magnus kauko and makai roka made it the worlds best film designers. magnet and makai where challenge by warriors studies to make a video. Makai and magnus decided to make their video a stop motion, Lego race and they succeeded meeting the thirty second criteria and jam packed full of many details. Magnus and makai won the minds of warriors studies.

This is are stop motion video


winter exhibition

The PLP winter exhibition was a huge event this year, with over 100 students participating from grades 8 to 12. It was a chaotic, but exciting.

For my part in the exhibition, I focused on creating a documentary about the environment. Specifically, I wanted to show how we as humans often destroy our land and natural resources for short-term gain, like the events in the movie Avatar.

To gather information for my documentary, I interviewed a BC health and safety officer who works on the Sunshine Coast. His job is to come up with a plan for what to do if the region ever runs out of water. He discussed his idea of shipping in water or finding a sustainable lake as potential solutions.










I also made use of new skills I learned during the project to make my videos as high quality as possible. You can find these videos on my YouTube channel, linked at the bottom of this post.

Overall, I believe I deserve a sun for this project, as I completed all of my work on time and to the best of my ability. It was a challenging and I’m happy that the exhibition is over and that it was successful

Doing this project made me relize that my work was sloppy so I decided to see what would happen if I put as much time and effort into this post as I would of playing hockey. The outcome of this is so surprising to me. My goal for next semester is to put this much effort into all my work and I want to see what’s going to happen. 

I made this blog post using many techniques I used grammerly to fix my grammar I asked my parents and freinds for revisions and I put so much time and effort into this post and im super proud of it. I did the same thing with my storm the barricades post and it also turned out well.


Here are some photos from this project

Revolution blog post

The Grade 9 Revolution project was a interesting exploration into the ways in which revolutions bring down empires and change societies around the world. Our task was to create a crane Britain graph, affidavits, and a final video that would present our findings in a convincing voice in a courtroom.

The driving question for this project was: “how do revolutions bring down empires and change societies around the world”.  I think that when so many individuals come together with a common goal, they have the potential to overpower anyone and achieve their desired outcome.

As I worked on this project, I realized that I could have put more effort into my work. I often found myself just doing the bare minimum, rather than fully engaging in the project and bringing my best ideas to the table. Additionally, I could have been a more helpful and supportive member of my group, sharing my thoughts and ideas more often.

Despite this, I believe that I deserve a passing grade for this project. While I may not have always put in my best effort I did complete all of my assignments and paid attention in class.

Thank you for reading my blog post here’s some photos.

Maker blog post

Maker portfolio post,

In maker we made 5 videos reflecting on 3 skills: clips, shots and angles and planning and shooting. We also did a fun video and a about me video. The link to all my videos will be down below. We also did goal setting in this sector. The final assignment for goal setting was a goal ladder wich I will leave down below. 

Work out video

Through making the videos I’ve learned and grown my skills a lot I’ve done this by making storyboards a story board is somthing movie makers use to plan out there shots, my story board is not as detailed or as long as there’s would be but it’s still good ill show you a photo at the end of this post. I’ve also grown in my shooting and planning skill, I now know that planning your shoots and angles before hand than it makes It a lot easier when filming.

I think that I deserve a sunshine because I handed in all my work and my work is complete to the best of my abilities. Also in any group that I was in I would contribute all my help, I would also try to be the main character when possible to exit my comfort zone wich is one of my learning plan goal.

Here are the links to my videos: workout video Funny video , My goalWhat inspires me