Oregon ad reflection


For our Oregon trip we had to go interview a place and make an ad for them. we made an ad for Nisa’s Thai kitchen. 


My first draft for my Oregon ad i thought it wasn’t that bad but the truth is it had some problems for example it didn’t show the food it had to much white and it had some grammar mistakes. After we got feed back on are first draft I made my second draft which completely sucked all I really did was put a see through photo of some food over the text from my first ad. The feedback I got was good. For my third draft I made the photo solid and put the text on top which i have no idea why that was a good idea. Well since my ad still sucked I decided to completely retry and my final draft I thought was pretty good but it still needed some changes but by that time I couldn’t do another one. Anyway my final draft was a free stock photo of Thai food with a catchphrase at the bottom along with the address and at the top there was the name of the restaurant. Overall i think this experience was really fun it was cool to actually go interview people and do drafts until we get the best one.

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