Blogging challenge week 8

For week eight of the student blogging challenge I decided to review a Christmas themed game. The game was called long live Santa it is a third person pvp (player vs player) battle to the death. When I was first looking for a game to review this one caught my eye because I have always loved pvp and battle royal games so I was going to put it on the maybe list but then I realized that it was Santa’s fighting to the death and I said I have to play that game. The final reason why I was interested in it was the fact that the play style looked very cool and fast paced. 

When I first launched the game the first thing I noticed that there was no menu for setting so if you wanted to Change the controls of your character you couldn’t which kinda sucks but overall it doesn’t change the gaming experience that much. After trying to find a place to edit my settings I decided it was time to play the game so I went to try to find a game I found one with 5 out of 20 players (it was one out of only two servers in the game) when I got into the game I started to get the vibe it was very fast paced at times there was no strategy to it it was just really crazy. I played around 10 rounds each were 3-4 minutes but some times a match could end in like 10 minutes. Out of the 10 rounds I played I only won 2 of them. Some cons of this game are that it gets boring,there are only three weapons and punching does way too much damage it was to the point where I had a better chance killing someone with my fists than with a sword. Some of the pros are that it’s really fun when you first get it, it’s graphics make it look good and funny, and finally it’s plot is so funny like really funny

Overall I think since this game is free I would definitely recommend it it has some violence but not that much and it’s very like pg violence. So finally i would say is you have a pc that runs windows and you like stupid fun game you should go pick this one up I would rate it a 7 out of 10.

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