Blogging challenge week 7

For this blogging challenge we had the theme celebrations and festivals so since I’m writing this on a flight back from Iceland I decided to pick an Icelandic festival but since there are so many around 330 to be exact it was hard to pick just one so I settled and went for two Iceland airwaves and Þjóðhátíð.

Iceland airwaves is a huge music festival held in Iceland each year. It’s usually held over four days Wednesday to Saturday. What I find very interesting is how it was started Iceland airwaves actually started off as just some one off event in a hanger at the Reykjavík airport in 1999 and has just continued ever since. Fun fact the Canadian musician Mac DeMarco preformed at Iceland airwaves in his early years.

The reason I decided to pick Iceland airwaves is because it sounds like something that I would want to go to like honestly it’s genuinely intriguing and I would love to experience it myself if I ever had the chance.

For the second festival I’m going to be talking about I will be talking about Þjóðhátíð what is Þjóðhátíð Þjóðhátíð Is a huge camping festival that takes place in a small town in Iceland each year. Another interesting thing is the fact that the population of the town where this is held’s population spikes around the time of the event from around 1000 to 16000. Finally this festival has tons of different themed nights one is actually a kind of speed dating thing where you can a partner for the rest of the event.

The reason I picked this festival is because when I was younger I used to go camping all the time so when I was looking through festivals and I saw that one of the biggest ones in Iceland was camping I was like sweet.

In conclusion there are some pretty cool festivals in Iceland with a big diversity in themes and if I had the change I would love to experience them all.

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