We were excited and thrilled this week to see PLP students Kira (PLP 8), Sam (PLP 9), and Emily (PLP 10) featured as guest bloggers on the The Edublogger’s site! So how did this awesome opportunity come about?

This past fall, PLP students from grades 8 to 10 took part in the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge. During this 10 week challenge, students from around the world write posts on a variety of assigned topics that also teach them valuable blogging and writing skills.

Once the posts are written, they are shared to the world in a document which collects the links to everyone’s posts participating in the challenge. Students then visit other participants’ blogs and comment on the topics.

After 10 weeks, students in all three PLP classes agreed that their blog skills had improved exponentially and they absolutely loved interacting with other students worldwide.

In fact, Adlih (PLP 10) and Emily (PLP 10) even took the time to record video testimonials to promote the next Student Blogging Challenge!


Additionally, Emily Janzen’s blog was even featured recently in a presentation from Edublogs about how to make a great blog post! You can see it in the tweet here.

We could not be more proud of the hard work PLP learners show in their writing on their learning portfolios. Feedback from our graduates consistently tells us that one way PLP has prepared them for their post-secondary experiences is in all that blog writing! Well done all!

As this tweet from North Vancouver-Seymour’s MLA, Jane Thornthwaite says: “Excellent and well done”!