When you work and learn in a PLP classroom, a snow day does not disconnect you from your teachers and fellow learners! It just means the learning shifts to a more directly online presentation and the work can be moved truly outside our classroom!

So when the North Vancouver School District declared a Snow Day for all its school on January 15, 2020, PLP took it in stride!

In Basecamp, the platform we use to communicate work to our learners, we quickly assigned a Snow Day Clips Challenge.

The challenge:

Using the app Clips tell a story about your snow day today.

Did you meet an abominable snowman? Could you ski to the store for a slurpee? Was there an epic battle to make the best snowman in your front yard? Or did you just have fun in the snow?

Show us all by posting your creation as a comment below!

Remember: all creations should be safely created and school appropriate.

Clips is a free app for iOS devices and has some amazing features that make it great for doing these types of videos. You can learn more about Clips from Apple’s Guide or from this EdTechTeam Guide.


We had several PLP learners take on the challenge and post their work in Basecamp for all PLP to see and enjoy. A huge congratulations to Findlay, Ryder, Owen, and Ally whose work you see featured in the video below!