The winter exhibition was like nothing I’ve done before. It was quite fun. During the actual exhibition it was cool to see everyone else’s work. Also the guests were very respectful and had really good questions. It was unfortunate that i put my knee out the day before because i wasn’t very much help to set up or clean up and also most guests were more concerned for me and had more questions about my knee than my project. Some other things that i think could have gone better at the exhibition was by the end of the exhibition was no one was really at their stations and people were cleaning up before the exhibition officially ended. I think there could have been longer breaks or more breaks so that people could have time to get their attentions pan back and re group. For my actual box i think it went great but there are always things i can work on. I added a lot of detail and made everything my self. My box also fit my theme statement well. Many parents called it insightful and beautiful. Some things that i think i could have worked on was my time management and what to say when parents came up to me. For time management i did a lot of my box at the very beginning but by the end i had nothing to do. I think i could have spread out the tasks more evenly. At the start of the exhibition i was stumbling on what to say to parents about my box. By the end i had a set speech and was comfortable talking. Even though i was decently prepared I still think i could have been more prepared. Im excited for the spring exhibition!

some photos!