For the last project of the semester we have been working on a project called Radical Innovations! We learned all about the Renaissance and what was created during the time period. We then created our own triptych and an explanation to go with it! The left panel of the triptych represents all of the innovations during the Renaissance. The right panel represents what the world was like before the Renaissance. Last but definitely not least the centre panel represents what our world is like today and how the innovations from the Renaissance have evolved to today.

Here is my triptych!

And my historical explanation!

The new ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world by educating people and making life easier. After the renissance, all categories of life were changed. Whether it was science and medicine or arts and literature, it ALL changed! It made it so we dont have to die at 30, we have easy access to all books, and people are able to communicate in many different ways including art, messages or books. It all changed and mostly for the better!

1. The new ideas from the renissance changed the renissance world by reducing death rates, educating people, and telling time. I Included these three things in my left panel because they were all very significant. The clock created a sense of time, punctuality and schedules. It changed the way people worked in the renissance. In my left panel I added a printing press  and a stack of books. These innovations created a way for average people to learn and receive new information. I also added the first sketch of a human body’s. It represents the major medical breakthroughs that happened. New surgery, medical schools, and decreased death rates! All of the ideas above were key to the change of the renissance world

2. The ideas people had before the renissance were uneducated and bias. To represent this , in my right panel I added a Cross, a person hand writing books, a grave, and a sundial. I added a cross because before Martin Luther and the renissance people were forced to follow Catholicism whether they believed in or not. They were also forced to pay money so that they would not go to hell. Before the printing press people had to physically hand write books. This created limited access and only people in the church and people high on the social scale educated (poorly). I added a grave because during the renissance it was common to die before 30 and if you had any kind of sickness or infection, you were most likely to die. The sundial is what they used before the clock. It was unreliable and only worked on sunny day. All of this shows why life is so much better now as opposed to the time befor eat e renissance.

3. The crazy medical techniques, the digital everything, and the way we use lenses have changed the way we work today.. In the centre panel of my triptych I have added a TV and a kindle. They are both to represent that almost everything we do today digitally. Whether it be reading a book or communication, or just hearing the news, its all digital! On the TV you can see there is a breaking news report talking about a crazy new medical technique. This is to represent how far the medical system has come and all of the crazy things doctors can do. Instead of the average life expectancy being 30, its 80. I added glasses to myself and I added a telescope to represent the way we lenses today. We dont just use it for a measly telescope. With the telescope and microscope we have discovered things that humans can’t see withe naked eye and with glasses we have made so the the naked eye can actually see. All of these innovations are key to our everyday life.

All of the information above just goes to prove that the world that we live in today is nothing like the world before the renissance! Getting the flu doesn’t mean death, everyone has a right to an education and things are communicated very quickly and easily. The ideas from Europe and Asia changed our world VASTLY!

Thank you for reading this blog post!

see you later!!