Student Blogging Challenge Day 9 (Holiday Fun)

Welcome back to another blogging challenge today we are talking about holidays and stuffs

First off I agree with this person named Cooper  about how Friday’s are a holiday that I celebrate and they are epic. 

Now on to Christmas.  In my family we eat food at my grandmas house and then go home and sleep till 5 wake up open presents then head to my aunts house for breakfast. Then head home and chill..  

Now on to a rhyme/poems 

Roses are red Christmas green we eat food and so should you. 


Goodbye And don’t forget that Car†er=BøLg

I’m Bored #2

When your bored and you know clap your hands 👏👏👏👏👏

Hello and welcome back to a I’m bored blog post todays topic is IDKish

Today’s one I’m going to be using a emoji generator to tell a story (kind of like

Blogging challenge day 7) anyways enjoy

So in the 7845 littering was illegal 

But one ☀️ day a random person named Sylvester littered he was put on trial but he escaped using a tennis🎾 and then he went home to his partner and 😘 them and then left moments later the 👮‍♀️ broke in and accidentally killed Sylvester partner once Sylvester heard the news he was very 😞 so sad that he bought lots and lots of  🍔 and buried him self in them 


Readers: RIP  Sylvester


Anyways thanks for reading 

Don’t forget that I’m still bored and that your bored and we’re bored 

Cheese bored 



Goodbye and remember that Carter=Bored 

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How It Started How Its Going (Summative)

Hello welcome back to another blog post today I am going to be reflecting on a Humanities project called How It Started How It’s Going this was for a exhibition which means we work and then show it off to the whole the world so we did it this year virtually on a free website called art steps.  So the driving question was: What can we learn from the past,and why does that matter to us today. More on that later.

So the core competencies. For English 8 the core competency was responding to text which means that you construct a original piece of art and establish a creative connection between yourself and the text. I showed this in milestone one because in my original meme showed a cloud and a rainbow that is personal to me because those were my marks and it’s original because I didn’t see it done by anybody else. And it is critical because It shows growth and self improvement. 

For the second and Maker 8 competency was: Empowered Learner, How might I use technology to construct knowledge?  I demonstrated this best in a stepping stone where we used SuperimposeX to photoshop our final meme here’s what mine looked like  so I used SuperimposeX and created something cool original and epic. In case you were wondering my painting is called “A Renaissance Man” by Giuseppe Maria Mitelli created in 1675. 

For the 3rd and final competency it was a socials 8 and it was: Establish Historical Significance: How do we make choices about what is worth remembering?  Meaning everything we do has a impact and we chose to remember significant events of those moments.  I best demonstrated this in  Milestone 6 when I helped one of my group members write the voice over about the Black Plague. 

Ok now the answer to the driving question in my opinion is: what we can learn from the past and why does it matter to us today.on the choices we make like in art we draw inspiration from people like Leonardo Da Vinci his art influences us in many ways. One way it influences us is where we travel some people might want to visit the Louvre to Mona Lisa. Or artists might draw similar ideas or use the same colours as in his paintings.  We also constructed a Book Creator guide which is here:

Worldview Collages: Museum Companion

Here is my final meme 



And the museum

So That’s it people Goodbye and don’t forget that çåR†eR=bLøG

Student Blogging Challenge Day 7

Hello and welcome back to my blog and day 7 of the student Blogging Challenge its about emojis yay anyways enjoy


Once upon time there was a 🍦shop

Everyday people would order and eat this 🍦ice cream

Until one day a 🐖 came and broke into the 🍦 place and ate all of it

Because of that the 🐖 died and a 👼Angel  came to collect its dead fat body 

Because of that the people were 🤣because there was a fat dead pig in the shop 

Because of that a  magic 🎩 was called to hide that body

Because of that everybody in the shop 😵 passed out from the smell 

And ever since that day 🐵 people took over the world 

The end

So thats it and it’s pretty short but it’s pretty interesting I think good bye and remember that


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I’m Bored #1

So the purpose of this post is when I’m bored and have nothing better to do I will write a post about something random

Readers: Cool

Me: Yeah

Also for all school blog posts the Readers are not going to be there because some people think they take away from the reflection and learning and I agree with them.

Anyways todays topic will be Drum roll please

Readers: no

Me: why not

Readers: because 


so todays topic is random stuffs meaning I will have a couple of random topics.


So cheese. Cheese is a food that comes from cows and it is actually not orange by nature

Readers: really??

Me: yeah straight from the cow its white but but here in North America we dye it orange

Readers: GROSS

Me:yeah kinda

Readers: I thought cheese cam from orange cows 

Me: Really

Readers: yes

Me: wow

Cheese is something people can enjoy plain or on cracker or mixed into something like lasagna so


so thats it for I’m bored #1 see y’all next time don’t forget that

Readers: Carter=blog

Me: exactly bye

Readers: bye

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Student Blogging Challenge Day 6


Readers: oh my goodness. My ears will never recover 

Me: sorry

Readers: WHAT

Me: Sorry!



Readers: its ok

So music. Music is a concept 99% percent of the world knows about. It’s literally everywhere. 

Now me personally I don’t go out of my way to listen to music. But maybe you people do 

So I will have a couple questions that you can answer in the comments. So here we go

Quick Disclaimer if I don’t include a obvious category of music or I miss something I’m sorry. 

  1. What’s your favourite music genre 
  • Pop
  • Hip hop 
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Blues 
  • Kpop 
  • Classical
  • Punk rock
  • Country 
  • Rap 
  • Disco
  • Hard Rock
  • Soul
  • Electro 
  • Funk

2. Who’s your favourite artist 

3. What’s your favourite song

Ok so next topic 

So this next thing is a music quiz again answer in the comments if I get a fact wrong oh well

Readers: um I have a question about never mind

Me: you sure??

Readers: yeah

Me: ok

  1. Where was jazz invented?
  2. Where was the trumpet invented?
  3. Who was the first country singer ?
  4. Who was the first piano player ?
  5. Who invented the piano ?
  6. What is music by definition? 
  7. Who was the first jazz player?

Readers: wow

Me: what

Readers: how old are you 

Me: why

Readers: because your talking about the piano 

Me: yeah so 

Readers: the piano is for old people 

Me: maybe I am a old person 

Readers: maybe 

Me: anyway back to the topic 

I’m now going to be talking about a instrument that I play the alto saxophone 🎷 

So its a woodwind instrument invented in the 1840s by Adolphe Sax who was a Belgian instrument designer patented in 1846 

Well good bye now and remember that çårter=blog 

Student Blogging Challenge Day 5

Hi how are you

Readers: oh goddess no he’s back

Me: ughhh why did I have you save you guys 

Readers: I don’t know but thanks

 Me: your welcome

Readers: we need to be mean again

Me: nope 

One long and boring scuffle later

Me: ok there gone I have the second readers here again

Readers: yeah were back back again

Me: yeah

Ok so this is going to be a short post on something I changed on my blog. 

So I added a widget to the bottom of my blog that tracks who visits my blog. 

Readers: thats creepy

Me: yeah sort of


Anyways this was super fun to use because it is cool and now I can see who reads my blog (I need more people) 

Readers: ok will get more

Me: ok yay

Anyways peoples this was super fun and all see you next time.

Until then Don’t Forget that ç宆e®= bl0G

Student Blogging Challenge Day 4


Hello and welcome back to the 4th day of blogging challenge our challenge today was to find images on the web and recreate them. 

This is the Printing Press invented in 1440 by German Johannes Gutenberg. 






Readers: oh wow 1440

Me:Yeah during the Renaissance 

Readers: cool

Me: so are y’all gonna insult me??

Readers: well since asked 

Me: no 

Readers: haha jk

Me: ok (thank goodness)

Anyways so this is the Printing Press and it helped create typing and books. This relates to my worldview because books are a essential part of knowledge example the dictionary it helps you learn stuff. 

Readers: cool

Me: yes 

Readers: so let me get this straight if not for the Johannes guy I would not be reading this right now

Me: Correct 

Readers: cool






Ok on to the second drawing       



Readers: what’s this??

Me: sundial

Readers: cool what does it do

Me: It used to tell time before the clock 

Readers: lit 

Me: yeah

So anyways this relates to my worldview because it was used to tell time back in Ancient Greek and Rome times. And this is of historical significance because we use a clock to tell time and keep us on track and the sundial was the first instalment of the clock.

 Readers: dang


Me: Well we’ve reached the end 

Readers: yup bye

Me: wait we’ve gone 2 blog posts and not one insult 

Readers: yeah so

Me: what’s happening are you the original readers

Readers: oh no he figured it out RUN

Me: well thats interesting all go looking for the originals later.  But for now good by and don’t forget that CArter=Bl0g



Student Blogging Challenge

Hi!!!!!!!! I’m back back again 

Readers: cricket cricket 

Me: Rude aren’t you going to insult me

Readers: nah just talking to you is a insult 

Me: Very Funny (sarcasm)

Ok ignoring them. 

I’m currently doing the student blogging challenge 2021 

Readers: Goody

Me: was that sarcastic?

Readers: Nope

Me; Thanks??

Readers: your welcome

Ok back to to the point

So for this blog post I’m going to be talking about skiing which is one of my hobby’s. 

Because its fun.  And I’m not bad at it but mainly its fun.  

Readers: congrats your not bad at skiing

Me: Thanks wait why are you not insulting me?

Readers: The boss said will get paid more if were nice to you

Me: Wow,ok

 Now to show you a YouTube video of skiing (this is not mine btw)

Readers: YOOOOOOO!!!!! That’s lit 

Me: I know right, ya know even though y’all are getting paid to be nice to me I like it

Readers: Time to be mean again (sarcasm)

Where I learned to ski WhistlerBlackcomb

My favourite place to ski Mt.Seymour because that’s where most of my friends ski (and skiing is always better with friends) 



Me: Now now people it’s important that you read and respect and follow the alpine responsibility code.

Readers: yup!!

Ok I go bye-bye now thanks for reading and Don’t for get that 

CARTER=Bl0g, bye.

Laser Laws Blog Post (Scimatics)

Hello people on the internet 

Readers: Oh no

Me: be quiet 

Yes hello I’m back and reflecting on the final scimatics project and it about lasers

Readers: no one cares.

Me: whatever 

Anyways this project we learned about two things.  One the law of reflection and two the Pythagorean theorem.   We had to put both of these together and build a right angle triangle out of lasers that followed the Pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection.

So here is the project start mind map               

Yeah so as you can see I had a lot of questions about light and not gonna lie i didn’t really answer most of them.  For example I don’t know if you can change the speed of light or if light can be affected by sound.  But what I did  learn  is that a bright enough light can heat stuff up or that the Pythagorean theorem is A²+B²=C². 

I also learned what the law of reflection is.  The law of reflection states that the incident angle and the reflected angle are the same distance to the normal which is the space in between the incident angle and the reflected.

Readers: Great Job (sarcasm detected)

Me: shut up

Ok its time to write about the core competencies 

Readers: Yay it’s almost done

Me: Your wrong

Curricular Competencies:

Number 1 was Communicating and Representing: Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms.

Number 2 was Applying and innovating: Co-operatively design projects

Number 3 was Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest 

Ok lets start with Number 1 

Readers: I hope he failed

Me; For the record I did not fail. Let me explain 

So this is like the math portion and the science one.

Basically we had to use the scientific method when we built a triangle in a simulator .  I got proficiency on this skill because I showed this on Milestone 4 when I put measurements stating the law of reflection and had a equation with Pythagorean theorem thats how I used this skill. Another way I showed this skill was on Milestone 2 which was Qiz on the Pythagorean Therom in which I got 4/5.

Readers: dang it he didn’t fail.

Me: you know you don’t have to be here.

Readers: Really yay bye.

Me: Bye, Finally there gone.

Readers Nope were still here.

Me: Great ( Sarcasm Detected)

Number 2 was actually building the triangle in with 2 of my classmates Sepaus&Mateo 

We got proficiency because we made a triangle that followed both the law of reflection and the Pythagorean We showed our understanding of this by using correct measurements I.e the distance to the normal from the reflected and incident angle and by doing so we showed our understanding of the law of reflection and by making a right angle triangle we used the Pythagorean theorem. here is our triangle


Number 3 the final one 

Readers: Hey this is the one he did bad on in the last one


So this one was basically a skill that test your focus and if your playing games in class and such. Last project I did not focus and got strikes how I improved this skill is by focussing on the project instead of playing games. For example Instead of playing games when we were working on milestone 4 I worked on Milestone Before we finish I am going to talk about some non milestone stuff we did in this project.

We did this one stepping stone that was a wavelength simulation and we had to set the damping slider to none and the tension slider to high and the fill out a work sheet it’s purpose was to teach us about electromagnetic radiation and wavelengths.  What I learned from this experiment is that electromagnetic radiation can be measured is wavelengths.

So thats it 

Readers: Yay he’s done 

Me: Yeah you can go away now

Readers: YES now we get paid

Me: Wait You get paid to read this 

Readers: UMMMMM No??

Me:  Whatever, Bye

So thats it folks Goodbye and remember that Carter=Blog