Month: November 2020

Screen Time Chart Reflection

This is another reflection but this time its about Math in a class called scimatics and the driving question is: how much of our lives is screen times.  My results are not quite as good meaning I’m on screens more then i thought here’s my chart about my screen time. 


The pie chart on the left is tracking my screen time and non screen time as well as my reading time. The one in the centre tracks my daily reading averages. The last one compares my entertainment to productivity on my iPad.

The answer to the driving question is our lives are heavily involved in screens. And I would say that half of our lives (or at least mine) is half screen. 


Curricular competencies there were 3 curricular competencies the first one was: Applying and Innovating: Contribute to care for self, others, community, and world through individual or collaborative approaches. How I did this is I used my class time wisely and only letting my self be distracted a couple times once I was done with the task.  

The second curricular competency was: Understanding and solving: Visualize to explore mathematical concepts. I kept a accurate spreadsheet to track my screen time and I also had the pie charts to compare percentages of my reading time (as seen above).

The third and final curricular competency was: Communicating and Representing: Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic forms

I did this again with my pie charts and I also had a graph to compare my productivity to my entertainment (see image above) and unfortunately I had a lot more entertainment then productivity.

Medium Is The Message Final Learning Portfolio


Medium Is The Message Final Learning Portfolio Post

This project was all about advertisement e had to create our own advertisement about a local place 

Hi my name is Carter and this is my blog a few things first

I will not have comas in this post and there might be a few run on sentences.

Now on to the blog post

So for this blog post we had to answer the driving  question which was: How Does What We Hear influence us? 

More on that later

Ok so for  Milestone 2 we had find and analyze a piece of historical media and write a small paragraph on it.  Here is a link to my ad Burger King this was part of one of the 4 core competencies used in this project this one uses taking a historical perspective. 


Milestone 5 was the most annoying thing in history because I had to revise it a million times ( more like 5) anyways Milestone 5 was about comprehending texts ( this was one of 4 competencies used in this project) So we had to analyze a book called: Gospel According To Larry and a Marshal McLuhan text and then use examples from both to answer the question: how does the medium influence the message. This was a good example of comprehending texts because we had to search for clues to get the answer.

Milestone 6

Milestone 6 was the final Milestone and we had to finalize our ads ( We did our on Local lift )

This represents the last 2 competencies because we had to create a ad for our business 

Final Advertisement

so this represents the last 2 because there was designing involved.  Obviously we had to design the ad and include pictures and colours and more.

Now the answer to the driving question is: everything we hear read and see influences us in some way in ways like how we behave or how we shop or how we just go about our daily lives.

So here we are at the end.  So you may have noticed that there was a original post then a short angry one now this. I was frustrated because I kept getting more and more feedback on this post and eventually I just got mad and wrote a angry post and to my teachers I apologize.

Ok I’m going now and don’t forget Carter=Blog.


Milestone 1 Milestone 2 Milestone 3 Reflection

Hi its me again your probably tired of this already BUT here I am back with another reflection 

So our project is to create a piece of advertisement for a local business our business was the Local Lift in parkgate. So what we’ve had to do so far is make 3 drafts of a ad for our business. We also had to make a number spreadsheet and put ads on it. We also learned about techniques and appeals for advertisement. Another thing we did was find pieces of historical media and list the techniques and appeals they used in it and then write a paragraph on the ad.

Here are my 3 advertisement drafts. 

These drafts were challenging at first but got easier as time went. The numbers spreadsheet was kinda annoying at first because you had to add to it every week but as I got used to it it was easier. Milestone 1 which was a paragraph of a video we watched in class was fun but challenging. Milestone 2 was a ad paragraph and it was pretty hard. Milestone 3 was the same thing but harder and it definitely was. Now here are my ads for Local Lift



Draft 3                                    Draft 2                                      Draft 1

That is it but remember that Carter=Blog.