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Destination Imagination (Or Complete Stress And Anxiety)

Hello there and welcome back to another post this one is about DI.  What is DI? Di stands or destination imagination. What is that? It is a competitive tournament in which teams from around world for more info click this link: DI.this year though DI is a little different due to COVID-19 its online and video submission so the challenge and when I talk about instant challenge is for this year and not original DI.  Something else worth mentioning was the interference contract (ohhhh) so this contract was signed by us (group members) our parents and the teachers. So what this contract means is our parents and teachers won’t interfere with our work meaning they won’t tell us what to do or do anything for us. We also had a budget of 100 dollars US thats roughly 125 dollars CAD. 

So our team name was Jocelyn and the 4 and our challenge was “In Theory”. We were the scientific group meaning we had to bend or break a scientific law using a technical method meaning you use something like pistons or magnets or hydraulics systems. Or something else. So my team members were Santiago,Jocelyn,Brooke,Nolan.  We decided to break the law of buoyancy or Archimedes Principle.  learn more about it :here. So our requirements were we had to have one expert who knows everything about the law Nolan played this person as Jake(the main character). Next we had to have a witness someone who witnesses the law being broken the witness was Mr.Gonzales the CEO  of the fictional company we created called Core-tech he was played by Santiago. We added two of jakes friends Carter and Jocelyn they played supporting roles as Jakes roommates/friends.  And last but not least we had Brooke play the Mom of Jake and the Karen receptionist. 

So what did I learn. I learned the value of teamwork hearing other peoples ideas and adapting improvising and overcoming.  I showed this through the course of DI. Helping my group members and doing what was assigned to me an example of this is when I was tasked with writing the script with Brooke and Jocelyn. It’s was fun we messed around a bit but in the end we got it done each of us had different ideas on what to do like on of our ideas was to use magnets in our story but we didn’t instead used something else. and if your wondering why I’m not telling you what it is that’s because I can’t DI is still happening in some places so I can’t talk about it to much otherwise it might influence other groups doing the same challenge and thats not allowed. 

Another thing about DI is the instant challenge so the instant challenge is a challenge that we found out about 72 hours in advance then we see if its a technical challenge or a story challenge or both. What I mean by that is the performance challenge is all acting no props or special effects just our bodies. The technical one is you get to pick from a set amount of materials and build something out of. And the combination one is you get props and tell a story.  For this year of instant challenge we had to do it on a zoom call that was being recorded were all in different areas of the school so it’s pretty hard to do this as a performance challenge which is the one we got. 

So for now I can’t show you our team challenge video but I can show you a blooper reel 


One last thing we had to do was create a team sign here its is.




So thats all for now don’t forget that PLP=blog and DI +end of DI =Blog post equals Carter=blog goodbye


UPDATE: so DI is over and here is the main challenge video





And also if you have any questions here is a Q&A video





So yes that was are video its great also quick brag our team placed 2nd in all on Canada so epic anyways yeah

PLP=blog and DI +end of DI =Blog post equals Carter=blog goodbye.


P.S  go check out my group members blogs : Jocelyn ,Brooke,Nolan ,Santiago

Student Blogging Challenge Day 11 (Last Day) Reflection

Hello welcome back to the final day of student blogging challenge.

Today is a reflection day for all student blogging challenge days.

My participation in this has been good I’ve done all the days and revised when asked to. Most of them were quality posts. 


So to look back on it all it was fun probably the most fun I’ve had (while writing blogs). 

 My favourite thing was probably day 7 because using the emojis to tell a story was so much fun.  It was a cool experience and taught me more on how to communicate in other forms of writing. 

To reflect on it all it was a good thing because it taught me how to go deeper and learn how to better communicate on my site with you guys my wonderful readers. 

Now the link to the category is here.

How I think I improved my blogging skills. I think I improved them by learning to mix professionalism and humour together. Example the Readers they were funny but as some of you said they take away from the learning and reflecting. So I got rid of them on school related posts but I still bring humour by putting riddles and memes and the I’m Bored posts. 

So now that this over I’m going to still try and post about non school related stuff through the I’m bored posts link here – bored. 

I might talk about stuff such as 

  • Food
  • Sports 
  • Books
  • Riddles
  • Puzzles 

And other stuff to make your brain hurt. 

Now new business I got this certificate for student Blogging Challenge and I’m going to  put it here because why not it looks dope.

So I know what your thinking oh wow what a nice certificate. And I says thanks. And thanks to all of you people for  reading and answering my riddles special thanks to Cooper Noah and Theryn(links to there blogs are there names) for participating in the riddles and giving me feedback. 

So its been fun but I’m tried and my fingers hurt so Goodbye and don’t forget that CARTER=Blog.

Growth Mindset Learning Portfolio Post

Hello people I’m back and talking about growth mindset 

What is growth mindset?? Growth mindset is when you always keep trying when you fail you really yourself “I can’t do this yet” an example for me would be I can’t draw nicely YET”

We were also asked to make a quote about us and how we’re going to grow our mindset about one thing” Listening to the speaker so I can make a deeper connection with my learning.”  This means that I’m going to learning more by looking at the speaker before for me if I’m not looking at the person I’m not really listening.

So anyways for this growth mindset stuff our teacher asked us to keep a journal in Book Creator about each aspect of growth mindset the aspects are: Grit, learning, mindset, Belief, failure. 


Grit means that you never give up no matter what a example for me is piano I’m not great at it YET but I don’t give up. And I know that eventually if I practice enough I will gradually improve.


Learning means the you well learn from your mistakes. You don’t just try the same things over and over and over again. I show this in visual spacing when I try to draw things my spacing is always a bit off so I’ve LEARNED to always use a ruler when draw line and box’s, and other things like that. 


I mentioned Mindset before and I’m going to again because it’s important. “Why you ask” .

Because Mindset plays a huge role in learning and developing and growth MINDSET its right there. 


Belief is important because if you believe in yourself it makes things you less likely to quit or get frustrated. If you believe in something it will be easier for you to strive for your goal and accomplish it. 


This is probably the most important one if you don’t fail then you don’t learn you probably thinking”failing is bad thats what I was taught”. Failure is good it means that your trying something new and that your learning if you fail at something then try again. As my teachers say “F.A.I.L First Attempt In Learning”

Another thing we were asked to do was create a selfie with our quote

So after all that here is my book creator journal


Carters Growth Mindset

Alright that’s enough for today 

Goodbye and don’t forget that çarter=growth mindset 

Student Blogging Challenge Day 10(Free Choice)


Hello everybody And welcome back to Student  Blogging Challenge Day 10 todays post is free choice. And off topic can I just say back in like kindergarten when the teachers said free choice on play time it was epic.

Anyways so my free choice post is about Spring Break and what I’m going to do

So for the first 4 days I’m going skiing and its gonna be epic. Next I’m probably going to play video games with my friends and maybe go outside for a run/walk with my dad. So thats going to be my spring break.

Next topic boredom so I’ve been writing post about boredom in the last couple of weeks and its been fun I’ve been less bored and Cooper actually got my riddle on the last one so were going to do another one








So what does one equal and why is four cosmic also tell me what the pattern is. Tell me in the comments. 

And now complete off topic I have made a meme

But thats all for now and remember that Cå®ter=bLõG.

I’m Bored #3

Boredom, Boredom, I am boredom. 

Hello people I am back and still very bored let me explain. 

So I was supposed to go skiing today but then my ski boots were to small so now I’m stuck inside with nothing to do and the mountains and gorgeous snow and stuffs. So yeah that’s why I’m bored. Readers:oooooooof rip skiing is fun 

Me:yes I know 

Anyways todays topic is Random stuff

















Figure out what that meant tell me in the comments 

Readers:what??? The heck does that mean

Me:you will have to find out and guess

Readers:but I don’t like using my brain 

Me:to bad 


 Ok a hint its a form of poetry

Anyways thats all I’m slightly less bored now so victory anyways 

Bye and remember that Çårter=bO®eD

Student Blogging Challenge Day 9 (Holiday Fun)

Welcome back to another blogging challenge today we are talking about holidays and stuffs

First off I agree with this person named Cooper  about how Friday’s are a holiday that I celebrate and they are epic. 

Now on to Christmas.  In my family we eat food at my grandmas house and then go home and sleep till 5 wake up open presents then head to my aunts house for breakfast. Then head home and chill..  

Now on to a rhyme/poems 

Roses are red Christmas green we eat food and so should you. 


Goodbye And don’t forget that Car†er=BøLg