🤔Student Blogging Challenge Week 10: Let’s Reflect🤔

   Over the past ten weeks, my class has been participating in the Student Blogging Challenge. We started out knowing absolutely nothing about the challenge or its outcomes. When I say nothing, I can hardly stress enough how little we knew about the world of blogging in general. The main outcome of this challenge for me is how much knowledge I gained about blogging wheather that means coding my own blog, commenting on the blogs of others, or even keeping my homepage up to date.

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 I personally really enjoyed the challenge. I am in the eighth grade and have never done the challenge before this year. I love that the challenge was actually challenging and built in a way that has options, leaving open possibilities for kids of all ages.

TeroVesalainen / Pixabay

  The Student Blogging Challenge is something I will be participating in again and something that I highly recommend for kids and teens of any age!


                Thanks for reading see you again after the break

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💻Student Blogging Challenge Week 9: Coding💻

   Hey guys, I’m back with another SBC post. This weeks leg of the challenge is all about coding! I chose to participate in an hour of code challenge and now I’m going to write about the experience. I tried out the Flappy Bird Challenge on code.org. Honestly, although it didn’t take me a full hour to complete this challenge, it still felt as though it did. During the challenge I was instructed to do simple tasks to gain points, end the game, or hit a target. I found this task to be not easy, but also not very hard. I highly recommend trying an hour of code, or even a short challenge you can do in 10 minutes!





Our other task was to try using code on our own blogs! I did and it was HARD. Even with the instructions I have never been good at coding, therefor when attempting to do this I evidently had to revise it.



   Our first, and the last task I tackled was leaving a comment for Alex. Alex a 17 year boy with an amazing and inspiring story. You an read his full story here and you as well can leave him a comment. 

To leave your own comment for Alex, click here



   See you guys in my next post and please feel free to comment anything but please remember to take commenting seriously and be respectful…

Ciara 🤘


🌎My Worldview: A Portfolio Post 🌎

     In the past weeks, my class in PLP 8 has been working on a project based upon the idea of worldview. We began the project with surprisingly little knowledge of what a worldview really was. After covering the basics, we started out with a small pre-test. The sheet was made up of questions relating to personal opinion or worldview. We were instructed to answer each question thoughtfully as they were deep and difficult to answer. A while later we began to learn the proper vocabulary associated with the topic of worldview itself. ( i.e. pervasive, point of view, perspective… )







   Eventually we moved on to the real project within the project, or big idea per say. Our Explain Everything’s. Explain Everything is an application used for the making of presentations, videos, projects, and mind mapping. To do so, we has to come up with a plan. It started with our MindNodes, and ended with a post on our YouTube channels. We made scripts that majority didn’t follow and had a lot of fun with this project.





   During this study, we focused on the religious worldview and how it effects those around us even if we or they do not practice any particular religion. We went on three field studies with our cohort, they included; Hindu Temple, Chinese Buddhist Temple, Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Sikh Temple, Jewish Synagogue, Islamic Mosque, and Roman Catholic Church. Going to each of these places taught me something that is unique. The experience taught me about the worldview of society, in my case the western worldview, a valuable lesson to learn.


Our almost final project was as mentioned an Explain Everything on our newly discovered personal worldview. Here’s mine!

This entire project has taught me multiple valuable lessons and facts of life and the lives around us. I hope that you enjoyed my worldview Explain Everything and if you have yet to watch it please do and feel free to comment on this or any of my previous or future posts.


Ciara ✌️