🏆DI Provincials🏆


 Hi there, I am back again with yet another DI post! So for all of you who don’t know what DI is then please, educate yourself by tapping on the links throughout this post. Okay, now that that has been settled, I want to talk about my DI provencials experience.


  As you now know because I’m assuming you’ve read my first two DI posts, my group, Humerus, Finn, Angelo, Rhiann, Kaden, Kira, and myself came in second place at the regional tournament, something we were so proud of. In doing so we learned and reflected upon all the things that went awry in our presentation and the moments leading up to it. After a quick and particularly shallow reflection, our teachers introduced the entire class to something called a burndown chart. A what? Exactly what I thought when the name was first introduced. Although, after some simple explanation, the burndown chart seemed really logical and helped us map out all that we need to fix in order to win at provincials. To simply put it, a burndown chart shows you how much progress you’ve made in a specific area or task and helps in keeping track of your goals for improvement. The chart really helped us keep on track over spring break and in he very little class time we had to improve and fix everything.

  Once our burndown charts were in motion, we need to get down to business in actually working on the different things that needed upgrades. Theses are our regionals scores and our burndown charts. It is pretty easy to see where improvement is necessary. Our double vision, TCE 2 were the main faults among many but they are the two I will be talking about as they had the most impact on our scores in both tournaments. With our team choice, a soundtrack wasn’t that original so instead I conducted some more in depth research on how our chosen disorder impacted the optical nerves, it turns out the impact is huge and that is basically how our idea for the “Optical Testing Device,” was born. We ended up scoring way higher in that particular section because of how well we integrated the research into out element. Next up is our double vision. I swear every single time I think about the double vision in regionals I want to facepalm hard. The thing is that it was so indistinguishable from the main storyline that I, the writer was confused during performance. After seeing replay through my head a billion times, I had an idea to make the double vision not between two individuals, but between a person and their self conscious. We evidently went with the patient himself as it would be the most dramatic and have the best and most obvious impact on the story and I was so happy it worked and eventually lead us to, drumroll please………………………………… come second?


  WHAT, you may be asking. They only came second after all of that work and those super high scores… SECOND! Ya that was about my reaction at the moment it was announced. The thing is, in regionals, we came second by 3 lousy points, 3. The only thing that pushed us forward was our performance in the Instant Challenge which admittedly wasn’t good. In provencials, we came second by a lot and didn’t make first by guess how many, 3 points. I find it truly unbelievable that we exceeded our expectations by 99.999% and I am so proud of how this year went. I’m glad that I took the time to reflect deeply enough to understand the real point of all of this and how I can do even more in the next few years.

  Thanks for reading,