Cats… are they smart?

First things first; many people who read this post probably have cats. Before we start I would just like to say- so nobody gets mad- that I do not, I repeat DO NOT, have a cat. However, before you get outraged, my neighbour has a cat and I sit with her on the porch ALL THE TIME. My parents are allergic to cats so she is not allowed to come inside. I go outside, no matter the weather, and sit with her. She comes up to the door meowing and I go outside and sit on the stoop. She pads softly around me and rubs against my leg. Then, she comes and puts her 2 front paws on my lap. If I’m lucky she will climb on up and sit down on me. If I’m really lucky and if I pet her long enough she will start purring! It’s the cutest thing!

You don’t have to read the paragraph above, but it is recommended. To summarize it, my neighbours have a cat. Sometimes I go outside and sit with her on the step.  The longer I sat there the more things I noticed

1. She would rub the side of her cheek/chin against poles and walls

2. If I held out my hand she would come and smell it.

3. She loves being scratched under her chin and along her neck

4. She would stare at me and slowly blink her eyes

5. She would hold her tail strait up and quiver it

susannp4 / Pixabay

So I did some research and found out a whole lot about cats for answer’s to my questions/behaviours. I used a website called Cat Chat

1. When your cat is rubbing their cheek against me you is marking you as their territory

2. When you hold out your hand for your cat to come and smell it, it’s like saying hi to your cat and introducing yourself. Your cat will recognize your scent and come say hi back.

3. This one is kind of tied to the first question where when you scratch their chin, you are giving them the chance to mark you with their scent.

4. Scientists don’t know for sure but they think the reason your cat blinks at you is like a them saying “I love you”. They look at you without staring in a relaxed way.

5.  When their tail is standing strait up it means that they are excited and/or happy.

Thanks for reading my week 4 student blogging chalenge!




Copyright… is it a Real Thing?

Hi again. So for the week 3 blogging chalenge we have to explain what copyright is.

So what is it? In simple words, copyright is the law that gives the creator of the work the power to say who can use it and for what. But that doesn’t explain all of it. If you happen to go onto google images and just grab a random one, you are in danger of getting a copyrighted image. In which case it is illegal to use for things of your own uses. I personally think the best option for getting copyright free images is just using your own! It’s a really easy way to get images you can be proud of, and also able to use!


For the second part of the post we have to ad a photo we took or created.

Here’s an image I took while I was at my friends cottage. I really like it because the butterfly is BYFAR the most brilliant thing in the landscape, but for some reason it’s not the first thing your eyes are drawn to. You want to lo0k at the patterns of rain in the sand and while doing that you spot the butterfly.


For the third part of the post we had to create a slideshow. My slideshow has 3 different pictures. Look at all the pictures and then try to see what animal I’m trying to create.

Leave your thoughts or hints in the comments below. I really don’t mind if you give me something to improve on, I can always use more ideas!

p.s. ( it may not be a “real” animal.)


A poem about this… animal:

I was walking along,

pulling my wagon, 

when along came something,

that looked suspiciously like a                    .

It had a scaly back,

and tallons like knives,

and upon the track,

when I looked into it’s eyes.

It set fear in my heart,

and terror in my mind,

and I jumped with a start,

as it came out from behind.



My Amazing Avatar


So, this is my first year doing the student blogging challenge, and I had a bit of trouble creating my avatar. Thankfully I was able to complete it and now I have an avatar that I think represents me because of my hair. Just kidding. The reason my background is red is because red is my favorite colour. I like it because it reminds me of fall; the leaves on the trees and and the ones floating down like snow. It also reminds me of the sunsets during summertime.