A Horror Remake


Today I will be reflecting on my most recent project in my maker class. This was probably one of my quickest projects that I have ever done. From start to finish the project was completed in about 3 days with only 4 hours on one day making one horror short film. The horror film that we recreated called “RUN!”. Now I will show the steps of the project and how I completed them.

In the first stage of this project we had to introduce ourselves in a creative way with a video using the Clips app. In my video I chose to introduce myself using one of my favourite sports, golf. Here is my video:

The next thing that we did was analyze the film “RUN!” with the group that we were assigned. My group had 4 other people in it, Simon, Josh, Indira, Ryan. We established our roles in the film, editing and sound. Next, we planned out the different shots of the film and established what the story was. We did this by making a story mountain about the different events in the film. We also had to find a location for shooting the film, and plan out costumes recreate the characters in the film. Here is the story mountain:


The next step was to start filming our rough draft. Here is what our rough draft looks like:

For our team’s rough draft of the film, I feel we did a decent job of remaking the film. A few of the things that we needed to change include the location, the smoothness of transitions and the feel of the movie. We also needed to work on things like costumes to get them exact, mainly for the jogger in the video. The reason we needed to change the location was because we couldn’t find a good log to use for the last part when the jogger hides behind the log. We found a completely different location for that part of it. We needed to change the smoothness of the transitions because the actual video looked very choppy and not very natural.

After we were done this we presented it too our class so that our peers could tell us what we could do to change up the movie to make it match the actual film better. We combined our own critique of our work with the feedback from our peers and made a much better film which looked like this:

Now I will reflect on the competency for this project:

Innovative Designer: How might I design a solution to a problem, process, or challenge?

I demonstrated this competency by making a remake of the horror short film “RUN!” as close to the original as I could by making costumes, acting out a character and editing part of the film.