Rise of the Frankenstuffies


Today I will be reflecting on my most recent project called “Rise of the Frankenstuffies.” This project was all about story telling, and the industrial Revolution. This seems like something normal to have as a project, right? Well it would be if that was all we had to do for this project but instead of just writing a boring story of the Industrial Revolution, we added a twist to it. For the story you had to have a character that you made using stuffed animals. In class we cut them up and would trade for different parts and then you would sew them together to make a Frankensuffie. For this part I learned a lot about the different ways to be creative when telling the story of a fictional character. I loved creating the character and making a profile describing its characteristics and personality. My character’s name was Ralph, he was born 437 years ago, and lives at NASA space station in Florida.

The next big thing we did in the project was write our short story about our character. I learned a lot from this part because of the way that we took a bunch of different events that were seen as historically significant and we were able to change them to fit our story.  Here is my story:

I learned all about different things that changed the way our society works today. One of the things that I found most interesting about the Industrial Revolution was that if it were not for this revolution we could have not switched over to electricity and we would have been using steam to this day. How different our world would be. This brings me to the driving question of our project which is “How do revolutions transform the world?” I think that revolutions transform the world by fundamentally changing the beliefs and ideas that our life is based on through expansion and travel. 

After we wrote the short story we were tasked with making a film based on our short stories and the feedback that we got on them. I learned a lot of things from this stage. I learned a lot about the different ways that films get planned out and made. For example, we made a screenplay to show the way that our film would play out. We also made a storyboard to explain the different shots and the plot and actions of our story before we filmed it. I think I did a good job with making them because of the way that I showed the different causes and consequences in my film. In my story there is a part when Ralph is flying the first draft of his flying machine, and the engine sputters and he crashes his machine. Here is the screenplay and storyboard I made before filming my final video

The final stage of this project was making the film of our short story here is what I made.

Spring Exhibition on Zoom

 Hello again! This is going to be my last blog post for my grade 8 year. Today I’m going to be talking about our final project, our Blue Sky project, that we present at the Spring Exhibition. A Blue Sky project is a special project where we address an issue and try to solve it using the LAUNCH process. LAUNCH stands for Listen and learn, Ask tons of questions, Understand the problem, Navigate ideas, Create a prototype, Highlight and Fix. Here is a video that explains the process:

This year we were challenged to frame our problem and solution using one of the UN sustainable goals and the COVID-19 pandemic. We were supposed to identify a real need and make a prototype to address this need. For my UN Sustainability Goal I chose number 6, which is clean water and sanitation. My inspiration for my prototype came from my Mom, who told me that the local breweries were making hand sanitizer in large buckets and had donated some to the hospital for the staff. When I heard this I thought about how my community doesn’t have hand sanitizer outside of shops for customers to clean their hands before they go into the store and touch products on the shelf. I realized that this could be extended to the UN goal for sanitation in areas where there isn’t clean water for washing hands. If I could come up with a product that could use the large containers of hand sanitizer being made by the breweries, this product could also be used in other areas to supply large amounts of hand sanitizer. The breweries make their sanitizer from a waste by-product of the brewing process, so it is inexpensive for them to make in large amounts and would reuse an otherwise unused by-product. 

Here is my LAUNCH Journal that shows how I went from this idea to my final prototype of a large hand sanitizer dispenser. 

I’m glad I can show my project in this post because we didn’t all get to show our projects at the Exhibition. For the Spring Exhibition, usually we would be grouped in a room with other students from Grades 8-10 who’s projects were similar to ours. Our room would have a theme and a story to guide visitors through the room to all the different projects, and we would interact with the visitors when they came to see our prototype. But as for most things since COVID, this Spring Exhibition was the same but different. 

We were divided into groups of students with similar or compatible UN Sustainability Goals and each group of students was going to have a room. The room was a Zoom room though. We had to come up with a story for our room and a way to interact with the audience and present some of our projects, but we only had 10 minutes to do our presentation before the audience would be moved to another group’s room for their 10 minute presentation. 

Our group was the Water group because we had projects from Goal 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, and Goal 14 Life Below Water.  Most of the people in my group were Life Below Water so we came up with a story that talked about how the ocean is being polluted and after each person spoke, we put more objects in a jar full of water that represented the ocean. By the end of our presentation, the water in the jar had gone down, and the number of plastic objects in the jar had gone up. We all had an underwater scene as our backdrop, and were wearing goggles or dive masks. I think our presentation went pretty well.  All of the groups had different backgrounds, stories, and ways of interacting with the audience. It was a pretty good presentation overall. 

Now I will reflect on the competencies for this project.

Research and Understand: How might I research and understand a problem, process, or challenge using different perspectives? I met this competency when I came up with my original idea to use a bucket as the container for the hand sanitizer. I realized that if I was a store owner, I would not want to spend a lot of money on a fancy container so if I could develop something that could use the original bucket the breweries were using to hold the sanitizer, it would be more cost effective. I also met this when I explored different ways of dispensing hand sanitizer from the container as I had to overcome the challenge of how to get the right amount of liquid sanitizer out of the container without dispensing too much that would be wasteful, expensive and make a mess. That’s when I came up with the idea of a spray nozzle. 

Take Creative Risks: How might I use technology to create in new ways? I met this competency when I used Minecraft to make my first couple of prototypes for the container. Looking at these prototypes helped me to see some flaws in my design, like the container on its side wouldn’t allow for all of the hand sanitizer to be used up. My second Minecraft design allowed me to come up with the upright container using a spray nozzle to pull the liquid up, using all of the hand sanitizer. 

Revise: How might I see this as a First Attempt in Learning and revise? When I was making my prototype, on my first attempt to use it the spray nozzle wouldn’t work. As I was looking at the spray mechanism, I realized that the water I was using to simulate the hand sanitizer liquid wasn’t coming all the way up the tube from the bottom of the bucket. I realized that the spray nozzle wasn’t strong enough to pull the water up the tube. I was able to revise this by using a power nozzle that has a battery pump in it to pull liquid up in large containers. 

The ultimate design challenge


today I will be reflecting on my latest project in scimatics the ultimate design challenge. In this project our goal was too make a 3D model that had at least 10 basic shapes.

in this project me and my partner dries decided to make a humvy which is a military vehicle which is like a Armored suv with a turret on the top. Since we were learning about surface area and volume we had to decide if we were going to make our model have maximum surface area or volume. Since the humvy’s are meant to carry troops we decided to make it for maximum volume to hold as many troops as possible. Then we got to work. I made most of the model with a few exceptions and dries did most of the calculations. This was a really efficient strategy since we had 2 iPads and instead of doing all the work by yourself and having 2 projects we decided to make 1 model with the both of us. Below I will show you the model that I made and the difference beetween my model and the actual vehicle




Now I will reflect on the coricular competency’s

Applying and Innovating:

I think that I showed this competency when I was collaborating with dries I think that I worked well with him and I think that we ended up doing a pretty good job, but I think that I still need to work on not gaming in class even when most of my work is done, I should use my class time to work on everything else that is due when I am done the assignment not game.

reasoning and analyzing:

I feel that I did a pretty good job on this competency, I demonstrated this by making at least 10 basic 3D shapes and I feel that I did a pretty good job with the model but I feel that I did quite a bit more on the model then my partner.

communicating and representing:

I feel that instead of doing some of the calculations in my head I should have put all of them on the page instead, but I do feel that I did a good job with the calculations but I will show more of my work next time.

thanks for reading my partner dries has a blog to here is the link http://www.blog44.ca/driesz/

Chemistry coding


Today is yet another reflection blog post today I will be reflecting on the last project that we had in scimatics for this project we were asked to code a game using scratch that demonstrates the movement of atoms and molecules and show the Connecticut molecular theory in some way

here are some images of the project and some of the code that I used




Now I will reflect on the coricular competencies

Questioning and predicting:

During the project I demonstrated this by using my class time well and focusing on the task of coding the game I stayed on task most of the time I had troubles when I was done all the code and I didn’t know what to do so I decided to play some other scratch games to help generate ideas and some times when I thought that I was done I would game I will try my best to game less on the next project

scientific communication:

I demonstrated this competency by using 2 atoms neon and oxygen I demonstrated the movement by showing them moving faster and slower depending on the tempature of the atoms I also showed that when they get really cold they stop moving all together since they are frozen I used the

reasoning and analyzing:

in my project I showed this competency by creating a pong game that has touch controls and keyboard controls so that you can change the tempature of the atoms I also made it so that the background changes depending on the tempature of the atoms

thank you for listening to my blog post if you would like to play the game that I created then go to this ling atom pong





Star-Wars Exhibition 2019


Today I will be reflecting on the Winter Exhibition my PLP class participated in; specifically my Blue Sky Project. This year all our questions needed to relate to connections between the vast Star Wars universe and our own. We had to have a driving question for our Blue Sky Project, so I decided I would ask: How might our military benefit if they could use Mandalorian armor? to solve our problem we had to use the LAUNCH cycle. the first thing that I did was the L phase, look listen and learn, in this phase we started out by making a mind map where we would take a look at our ideas and then try to put them into a how might we question. then we could move onto the A phase ask tons of questions, this is where we would ask a lot of questions about our topic and then we could take the questions and develop answers in the U phase. some of my questions were how heavy is real body armor? how heavy is mandalorian armor? can mandalorian armor stop a bullet? etc the answers were quite complicated to figure out so I will give you the short answers mandalorian armor is 46.5 pounds evenly distributed military body armor is anywhere from 1o pounds to 40 pounds plus all the back pack weight and all the other gear weight is another 80 pounds the mandalorian armor is able to stop a bullet if you would like to know more about that then look at the explain everything that is at the bottom of this post

I have always been fascinated with military armour, from the knights to modern day soldiers. Star Wars is know for having fantastic armour from the Stormtroopers to Darth Vader and Mandalorian Armour as worn by characters like Boba Fett. I liked the Mandalorian armour as a kid due to the way it looked really cool. When I got older I started to look into the deeper fictional philosophy and characteristics of deeper Mandalorian culture. As I did my research reading books and articles about the Mandalorians (Everything in the Star Wars Universe has extensive backstory and history) I discovered that it was claimed to be the strongest steel in the galaxy. Once the Star Wars theme was announced exhibition came up I knew I  could combine my fascination with armour with a direct connection to our real world. For my

For our overall class project, I teamed-up with other people from both my grade 8 class and students from the grade 9 PLP class. As we were broken down into smaller teams, each team was tasked with presenting a room resembling a designated planet from Star Wars. My designated planet was Hoth which is the Ice planet you can see in Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back. Other planets designed by other teams included: The Death StarTatooine and Endor.

As I mentioned, our group task was to decorate the room so that when guests walked in, it would feel like they are actually visiting that planet. I really believe our team did a fantastic job with this task. One of the key details to recreate an “Ice Planet” experience is of course, that it has to be cold! To create this effect, we filled-up large bowls with ice and then used fans to blow cold air into the room. It was amazing, the room was like walking into a fridge, I couldn’t believe how much colder it was than the hallway just outside. For decorations. we put up white sheets in a configuration that made it look like an ice cave and we had a projector screen  playing the Hoth scenes from the Empire Strikes Back for context and mood. I brought snow flakes made out of wood that we hung from the ceiling and on the walls which spun and sparkled to add to the snowy effect. In terms of the actual presentation space for our individual presentations, we made sure that everybody had enough space to set up their project while also having enough space for people walk around and gather to look at the presentations. As this is PLP, there are always multiple subjects and projects connected together, for the secondary Scimatics component, Three of us had to was make a “Mazer Tag Laser Maze” which we built to resemble an Imperial AT-AT Walker.  If you want to discover more about that project you can check-out my blog post about it https://www.blog44.ca/liame/2019/12/31/mazertag-reflection/ The two people I built the Mazer Tag project with were Erin and Indira.

Curricular Competencies

Innovative Designer:

I showed that I was a Innovative designer when I was trying to figure out how to make my suit of armor, I did this by making prototypes by 3D modeling what the armor would look like on a person of my body size so that i could get the proper measurements so that the armor would look right and be comfortable to wear. In order to do this, I had to take a full-sized set of plans, figure-out what the conversion factors would be to make it smaller and transfer all the measurements to a smaller template. I then took this template, created a paper model for confirmation of size before cutting and molding a cardboard costume.

Computational Thinker:

I demonstrated being a computational thinker by studying different scenes in movies and looking at different sources online and looking through different books to study and come up with solution’s to the question and to see if there was any real world application for Mandalorianarmor would or if it is just something that would be used in the movies because it looked good.

Creative Communicator:

I demonstrated being a creative communicator by communicating with the audience the night of the exhibition and interacting with them answering their questions with full sentences and explaining the process that I went through to come up with the solution to my problem. I expressed my ideas creatively with multiple styles of presentation: I used videos,  showed officialbooks about the props and fictional Mandalorians. I also presented diagrams with detailed comparisons of Mandalorian armor with modern military armor demonstrating the real body armor that the fictional armour was based on. I created a full set of Mandalorian body armorwhich I wore and I brought in an actual functional military plate carrier along with fitted armour plates for guests to personally pick-up and interact with.

For our project we used an app called “Explain Everything” that we were able to track the story for the LAUNCH cycle. Please click here to see the LAUNCH Cycle video that helped inspire us to this project


here is a picture of me at the exhibition

MazerTag Reflection


Today I will be reflecting on one of my last school projects this year. This project was for a class that I have called Scimatics that is a mix between math and science. The project was based on Star Wars since our Winter Exhibition this year had a Star Wars theme.

For this project we had to study lasers and the pythagorean theorem, which is a math equation that is used for finding the side length of a triangle. These are some of the equations that you could use (a2=b2=c2 or b2-c2=a2 or a2-c2=b2). We explored different things with light, like the angle that light comes into a mirror, and then the angle that it comes out.

Here is my mind map from this unit.

We then had to apply these principles to our Exhibition project.  For this project, our task was that we were going to have to make a vehicle from Star Wars and we had to incorporate a right angle triangle into the design using lasers. We were then put into a group of 3 people, and my group was Erin and Indira and myself.  For our vehicle we chose to do an AT-AT  which is an Imperial walker. You can see the walker in Episode 5, The Empire Strikes Back, in the Battle of Hoth.

Janson_G / Pixabay

And here is our AT AT during the building stage:


We painted it grey and had dry ice making a vapour cloud around the base so you could see the lasers. Unfortunately in all of the busyness of setting up the Exhibition, I forgot to take a picture of it that night.

In completing our project, there were several core curricular competencies that we had to meet. Here’s how I met them:

Big Idea: I was able to present my learning of the pythagorean theorem and show off what our team built on the Exhibition day, even though we had some hiccups with stabilizing our AT-AT. We were able to overcome this and present something that we were proud of in the end.
Communicating and Representing: I was able to make a right angle triangle with 2 mirrors and a laser. I was able to calculate the length of the third side from the first two sides made by the laser by using the pythagorean theorem.
Applying and Innovating: My team and I were able to make the At At Walker and make a right angle triangle around it. We were all able to contribute our work equally and effectively in setting up our room with bringing decorations and helping others to fix and set things up.
Questioning and Predicting: I was able to work on my project effectively even with some issues stabilizing the legs, and some distractions from my iPad and my friends.

I was very happy with how our project turned out. One thing I want to improve on is my ability to focus on my work and avoid distractions so I can more effectively use my class time to make my project to the best of my abilities.

SBC Reflection

Hello again!

Today I will talk about the student blogging challenge. The student blogging challenge in my opinion was a challenge and a lot of work. It piled on top of my already busy life and it took a lot of time to do all of the challenges. Despite all of the work involved, I think that it was informative and a pleasant experience with other commenters. It was really exciting to see all the people who actually took the time to read my post and comment on it and I would like to thank you all for that. It was a really big part of what kept me motivated to do the challenge. It was also really cool to see all the different countries people came from using the flag counter. This challenge was a really big confidence booster to see all the support from good people. I did not want to even start blogging because I didn’t just want to throw myself out on the internet and then allow people to say what they want about me. So I think that the challenge gave me the confidence I needed to keep blogging.

One of the tasks this week was to say if I was going to continue blogging and the answer is I will. I will mainly have to do it for school projects because it is usually something that you have to do at the end of a project. I don’t think it will be something I want to do it for fun because I don’t think that writing something about what is happening is really my kind of thing. I would rather do a video blog and want to start a YouTube channel where I will post daily vlogs. That is different because I don’t really have to write something, I just have to talk.

All in all I think that the student blogging challenge was a positive experience but it just wasn’t my thing, so I would probably not want to do it again. But I would like to thank everyone who visited my blog. It means a lot that people actually came to read my blog from around the world. Bye