Romeo and Juliet Variation


Today I will be talking about the most recent project which was about Romeo and Juliet. This project was not just some simple straight forward Romeo and Juliet project because we didn’t perform some play in front of a live audience. But this was a more interesting project because we got to put our own twist on the original play. But in order to make our own version of Romeo and Juliet we had to first know the story of Romeo and Juliet. But again our teacher made this interesting because after each act of the play we watched the act in a different version of Romeo and Juliet. I found it fun to see all the different ways writers were able to make new versions of a story using the same outline. 

The next part to this project was to make an actual spin off version of Romeo and Juliet, and each group that we were assigned to would make a different act my group got act 2. then we would watch videos in order to see the outcome. So me and my group of three other people (Amy S, Erin B, and Ryan U). Got started making our script and video. 

The first thing that we had to do was brainstorm ideas for what the spinoff would keep of the original and what we would add. We decided on making it about 2 people in school one of them is a posh girl with good grades, and the other is a trouble maker kid with not so good grades with we thought was a good way of showing contrast in characters.

The second thing that we did was make a story board of all the different scenes that were in the act. This part is to make sure that we know what we are shooting so that we dont have to just wing the entire video. This is what it looked like:

Then the next part which was the most exciting part was actually filming the video which went pretty well with all the different lighting that we used and the different camera angles and moods to each scene, it was pretty good. 

Overall I think me and my group did a pretty good job of making this short film. I feel like I was able to contribute ideas and solve problems throughout filming and making this video, for example when we had to do the prom scene we thought that we should have some different lights to make it look like it was an actual party or a disco, my group thought we couldn’t do the lighting effects of the prom so it would be good to just use filters in editing, but I remembered that when we used filters the last time I made a video it kind of just took the viewer out of the video they were watching. So instead of making the video look a little more home made I had the idea to use the monitors from the computers in the room we shot the scene in to shine different colours on the actors and the backdrop which in the end made the effect and the scene of them being in a party really worked. 

All in all in all I think that the project went really well. I believe that when my group put our mind to making the video we did a really good job and the results were good, please go check out some of the posts my teammates made by clicking on there names in the post. As always thanks for reading!