My experience with ad making

Hi guys for todays blog post I’m going to be reflecting on a project I did a while ago in class. What we had to do for the project was we were assigned groups and we had to go and interview a business that was located in deep cove then make and ad for them. Originally we had planned on interviewing a deep cove business called deep cove pizza but when we called the hung up which sucked. so then we had to find another business by the end of the day but luckily we succeeded. The business we ended up interviewing was deep cove music we interviewed them the next day then it was on to making the ad. 

but before I tell you about that I should tell you about how the project worked. How the project worked was as you know we were assigned groups of four each person in the group made there own ad even though we inter viewed the store together. Then we all did four drafts of are ad then as a group we decided on the best ad and presented that got it all ok now back to the story.  

For the first draft of my ad I took a star wars poster and changed some of the words and added different instruments instead of the weapons (all drafts are at the bottom of the post) and that was my first draft. For my second draft I didn’t change much I just fixed up some stuff like for earth Vader’s lightsaber the guitar I replaced it with went to far up so I changed that and I just made it look a little cooler. For my third draft  I changed  a couple things I gave chewbakka a guitar and same with C3po and I changed the font. The day after we handed in are draft three we all got put into different groups one was for all the people who handed there’s in late on was for people with good ads and one was for people with bad ads I was in the group with bad ads. The reason I was in the group with bad ads was because me being stupid and not thinking about that the star wars poster was copyrighted so I had to restart.

 as you now know I had to restart for my forth draft so what I did was I used a program called canvas and made a very basic ad I had a blue striped background and some instruments it was very basic and I wasn’t that happy with it but what could I do are final draft was due so I used that one. About a week or so after the forth draft we went on a field trip to a place called pound and grain which is an advertising agency. We went there so we could ask them questions about advertising and so they could give us some feed back on are ads. Overall I really liked this project even though I had to restart my ad I learned some really valuable skills and it was one of my favourite things I have done so far.

My experience with everyday objects photographing


 The first 3 photo assignments and the one mini project thing were quite fun they really helped me explore new ways of photographing different types of things. We The photo walk was my favourite because we got to take photos of things that were related like for one photo walk I took photos of western things (you can see the photos at the bottom of the post)  like shops, statues, and displays showcasing famous people that had something to do with the west. My favourite part about the photo walk was probably all the metal horse sculptures I photographed what I found cool about that was just that some of them had people riding the horses.

for my second favourite was the project where we had to make a personified image which means we took a photo of an ordinary object and we drew on it to make it look alive and I thought that was really fun Because we got to mess around with drawing on random objects for example the one I did was I took a photo if a normal red and black water bottle then I drew legs and arms and a face on it then it was a robot.

My third favourite was the still objects activity because I loved experimenting with different lighting and angles. For my still object I used a remote controller. One thing I didn’t like about my still objects is that I took the photos at night so I didn’t get any photos with sunlight but that didn’t stop me from getting some good photos. The places I took the photos were by my fire place and in my living room.

My least favourite was the photo editing because although it was fun I just kinda find photo editing kinda boring but you know what lets just look at the positives. What I really liked about the photo editing was just getting to mess with contrast and how grainy it was I like editing because of just its like you just have full control over how the photo looks.

Overall I think this assignment was really interesting and it really helped me learn different ways of photographing objects. I think If I ever did this project again I would probably try getting a few more photos in the sunlight.                                                                                                                         

Week 7 awesome drink mixes

Hi guys for the blogging challenge week 7 we were allowed to due whatever we wanted so I decided to make a post about pop drink mixes that I either came up by myself or found online(links to all the places where I found the pop mixes are at the bottom). For the drink mixes we will start with the ones I came up with first we have the mix I like to call the jimmy johns which is a great mix for while you are chomping down on a jimmy johns sandwich the mix is half minute made lemonade 1 and a eighth quarters powerade and an eighth quarter Coca-Cola. The next mix I have come up with is called the vanilla blast it is basically just everything that is vanilla flavoured although I prefer Vanilla Coke, vanilla cream Soda, and vanilla sprite and that’s the vanilla blast. Now lets get onto the ones I found online the first one is called the cherry sundae it is sprite cherry and sprite vanilla the next one is called the half and half which consists of diet mr. Pibb plus Minute Maid light. Finally we have the mezzo mix it is made with coke and Fanta orange. Now out of all of these drinks I have tried the ones I came up with and the mezzo mix my two favourites are the vanilla blast and the jimmy johns mix. If you ever decide to try some of these mixes just comment down below what you tried.

Link to the website I found the other drink mixes at 

Week 6 science 🧬

So for this weeks blogging challenge I decided to research galaxy’s when I came across an article about the most luminous galaxy (aka w2246-0526). The galaxy is an object shrouded in dust and shines with the light of 300 trillion suns. Other than being a super bright galaxy this galaxy also steals gas from other galaxy’s to help fuel its supermassive black hole. They also noticed that there was a major episode of stars forming with tens of thousands of new stars forming every year. i found that very interesting because you never really thing of something that is so beautiful being so destructive. I found an intriguing video that relates to this it is right here

(Now I know this video doesn’t entirely relate to what I was talking about but since it was on topic I decided to put it in any way.) I really thought this video was interesting because it talked about jellyfish galaxy’s which are very interesting I like how they actually kinda look like jellyfishes with they way they have tentacle like things any way I hope you like the video.

Now for the final part of my post I have made a two truths and a lie.


Comment your answer down below and I will tell you if you got it right or not you can try as many times as you want so don’t get sad if you mess up your  first try


Oregon field school

Oregon field school

When I first got to school around 7 I was pretty nervous but by the time I got in the car I was fine. Our first stop was Panera bread where a bought a Mountain Dew and a cinnamon bun the cinnamon bun was ok but it had lemon icing which I’m not that fond of. after that we drove for another hour and we got to the first place where we had to do something for we book(we had to make a book for Oregon) for the book we had to make a sketch and take some photos I will show all of the pages at the bottom of the post if you want to see the photos or sketches anyway back to Cabelas after that nothing much happened. 

The next day we went to fort Stevens which was really cool we got to go in an underground area then we did a quest which is where everybody is split up into teams and they follow clues till they find a stamp. Our team came second last so not that bad  but still after that we went zip lining which was really fun but not so important. After all of that we went out for dinner at Nisa’s Thai kitchen which is the place i did an ad for but i wont talk about that in this post because I’m talking about that in another post that should be out right now anyway then we went to bed. 

In the morning of are third day we had to pack because we were leaving our cabins to stay in yurts after packing we got on the bus and headed off for the Columbia river maritime museum where yet again we had tasks for we book. After we were done in there we went to the gift  shop yay where I got a COOL SHOT GLASS!!!! we also looked in a cool boat but like COOL SHOT GLASS!!! After all of our fun time at the museum we went to Tillamook cheese factory where sadly we weren’t allowed to buy food but at least there were samples which were delicious by the way. After that we ate dinner and like always it was bed time except this time we were in yurts. 

Now it was day four we had breakfast then we drove down to the marine science center where we learned about marine life after that we did a quest which was quite fun then we went on a whale watching boat ride we saw a ton of whales. After that it was wait for it….   dinner then bed.

The next day aka day five after breakfast we went back to the marine science center where we built rov in the same groups that we quest in. an rov in case you were wondering is a remote operated vehicle  that was really fun. after that we went to yaquina head where we took some phots and stuff like that we also had a page in are book for yaquina head and a quest where we had to hike up this long hill. After that long day we went to bed. 


In the morning of day 6 we packed up because yet again we were changing camp sites after breakfast we went to Depoe Bay where we did more book stuff also where I bought a super cool pair of socks. After that we went to a place called johns incredible pizza co which is kinda like Dave and busters which was super fun they had wifi so I  downloaded some apps and watched YouTube. they also had arcade games and some cool rides. After that we went to Fred mires where I bought a card game then we went to the new campsite me and the people in my cabin played that card game then went to sleep. 


On the final day I woke up got Packed and put my stuff on the bus. After that we drove down to the northwest trek which I write about in my book it was super fun there  we went on a tour and saw a ton of animals after that we drove for 2 hours and had dinner then we drove for another 3 hours then the trip was over.

Overall this was a super fun trip I learned a lot my favourite parts overall were probably johns incredible pizza co, highlife zip lining, and the marine science center because they were all super fun and I learned stuff at some of them.

Oregon ad reflection


For our Oregon trip we had to go interview a place and make an ad for them. we made an ad for Nisa’s Thai kitchen. 


My first draft for my Oregon ad i thought it wasn’t that bad but the truth is it had some problems for example it didn’t show the food it had to much white and it had some grammar mistakes. After we got feed back on are first draft I made my second draft which completely sucked all I really did was put a see through photo of some food over the text from my first ad. The feedback I got was good. For my third draft I made the photo solid and put the text on top which i have no idea why that was a good idea. Well since my ad still sucked I decided to completely retry and my final draft I thought was pretty good but it still needed some changes but by that time I couldn’t do another one. Anyway my final draft was a free stock photo of Thai food with a catchphrase at the bottom along with the address and at the top there was the name of the restaurant. Overall i think this experience was really fun it was cool to actually go interview people and do drafts until we get the best one.