DI provincials

Hi, just before I start talking about a very interesting DI provincials, I would like to say I hope you are having a good isolation. Now that that’s over let’s talk about DI provincials.

There were some significant differences between this DI provincial and last years we can credit that to COVID 19 and social isolation. The biggest of the differences is that technically there were no DI provincials this year. Let me explain, because of the government’s advice about conventions and gatherings they had to cancel DI. But, that didn’t stop PLP because we ended up doing a PLP run DI over zoom. Another big challenge was the fact that all of our props, including our invention, were at school.

Now, what did we do to prepare for DI provincials? Before we found out that DI was cancelled, we had been working on a solution for our invention because our last one had failed. We had a pretty good design down, but sadly due to unforeseen issues, we weren’t able to get the parts in time. Then a few days later, we heard DI was cancelled. Because of that, I didn’t work on it till about two weeks later when we found out that we were going to do our challenge over zoom.

After hearing that, we started getting prepared for our presentation. The first thing we did was figure out how to get our impact scenery to work. What we ended up doing was using the green screen background thing on zoom we had two background, and we switched between them. The next thing we had to figure out was how to make our invention work for our presentation. What we ended up coming up with was someone in our group would share their screen and show a fridge closing.

Overall our performance went very well, including our instant challenge. I think if we had our props, we would have had a much better performance. In conclusion, I think we did improve our props and solution, and I am sad that we weren’t able to present them. The final thing I’m going to talk about is the main competency for this project which is research and understand. I think I met this competency because throughout the project we had to research many different things to do with technology in order to complete our challenge. If you want to read my blog about DI regionals, click here.