WW2 project preparation

For this weekly recap we are going to be talking about what I did last week which was mostly preparation for our new project about WW2 by making a need to know list, learning more about nationalism and starting our search for an interviewee.

For our need to know list it was a little different than usual because instead of adding to one big list we would send our individual need to knows into Showbie. Other than that it was the same as usual.

For nationalism we had to read about it and listen to interviews with multiple veterans who served in different wars. After that we had to write a short one paragraph essay about nationalism what it means and how you can relate to it. My essay had lots of issues because I didn’t pay close enough attention to the rubric. Even though it has lots of issues I plan on fixing them all.

Finally for finding an interviewee what I ended up doing was contacting one of my moms friends dad who is a WW2 veteran and was one of the kids who was evacuated from London during the blitz bombings. After contacting him I gave him a briefing on what the project was about and he agreed to do an interview.

Overall this was a very productive week and really helped me get into the vibe of this project.

Finding an interviewee

Why hello glad to see your back. So your wondering what this post is about? Ok this post is my sixth weekly recap. The two biggest things I did last week was the story research milestone and the story connections milestone.

For the story research milestone which was milestone 2 we had to research about WW2 but more specifically research that would help us with the story we wanted to tell for our podcast. For me since I was interviewing a man who as a kid during the London blitz was evacuated to Canada so I decided to focus my research on that topic. I did that so I would be more prepared for my interview Instead of just researching random stuff about WW2.

For milestone 3 story connections we had to read a short story about a WW2 veteran named John Ivan Anderson and then fill out this sheet.

The sheet is pretty comprehensive asking you to fill in a three act story structure and connect the story to yourself. Where I feel I could have improved on this one is I didn’t add enough detail for the three act structure and I could have overall just detail for everything.

In conclusion this week was very productive and we did do some other things but I thought I would highlight what I thought were the most important things we did the week. Overall there are ways I could and will improve the milestones from this week.

Greatest Canadian

Hi, how’s it going for this month’s blog post I’m going to be talking about our latest project The Greatest Canadian. Now just a quick recap of what we did in this project.

First off the goal of this project was to answer the driving question which was who is the greatest Canadian using a podcast we made.

The first milestone we had to do for this project was a need to know list which we have to do for all projects. The next milestone we had to do was a story mountain for the person we picked as our greatest Canadian. The third milestone we did was research and notes where we had to as per the title research the person we chose finding their biggest accomplishments and contributions to Canada. For the fourth milestone, we had to create a script for our podcast first making a rough draft then our final draft. The second last milestone we had to do was record and edit our podcast. The final milestone was the final podcast draft and interviewee presentation. What we had to do for that was revise our podcast and construct an email for our interviewee.

Overall I felt that I made a good first podcast and I’m proud of it, that being said I feel there were many things I could have improved on. The biggest of those things is my audio because I screwed up my mic audio leading to me needing to do lots of revisions including re-recording all of my lines. One of the other revisions I had to do was fix my music since most of the music I used wasn’t original and the other music I used wasn’t that good so I had to fix that.

What I would do differently is I would double or even triple check my audio so I don’t have to go through the experience of having to re-record the majority of my podcast. Another thing I would like to do differently is more preparation for my interview. I say that because I felt during my interview there was a structure but I don’t feel like it was strong enough which led to some issues with transitions. Finally, I want to spend more time on my music preferably making different music for the intro middle and Outro. Along with making new music I want to decide on a tone for the music that will fit with my podcast.

Finally, I think overall this was a very interesting project and I really enjoyed making a podcast for the first time although as I just talked about there are many things I could have improved. If you want to listen to my podcast here’s the link also feel free to comment with any feedback you have

Weekly recap 4

Hi, welcome to my fourth weekly recap. This recap will be the second final recap for the greatest Canadian project.

Now onto what I learned this week. The majority of this week I spent editing and finalizing my podcast. What that taught me was how important it is to perfect transitions and clean cuts even though mine didn’t end up being perfect. Another thing that I learned working on my podcast is that sometimes things sound worse than they do when recording them and you have to get over that and figure things out. Other than the podcast this week we also watched a the greatest Canadian episode on Tommy Douglas. Watching this gave me a better understanding of storytelling especially the type of storytelling I would need for my podcast. I also learned about a very important part of Canadian history.

Overall this week was very productive I learned a lot. My favourite thing that I learned this week was probably about Tommy Douglas since I found that very intriguing.

Weekly recap 2

This week we mostly focused on lectures where we learned about important dates and people. During these lectures, we had to take notes to hand in later. What I learned from this was better note taking which is a very important skill to learn. Other than the lectures we also worked on researching our greatest Canadians. What I learned from researching my greatest Canadian was a lot of information for possible trivia plus I learned about better more efficient researching. Overall this was a very good and productive week.

Weakly recap 3

This week we worked on scripting/planning our podcast. For scripting our podcasts we first did a rough draft then got our peers to review it. What I learned from the peer review was how to make my script more in detail and to the point. After our peer review, we had to make our final script which for me took a decent amount of work. What I learned from making my final script was how to tell a story without visuals effectively. Overall I think this was a very productive week and I learned a lot including effective storytelling.