TPOL 2020 edition

So this is it the TPOLs once again well let’s see how this goes. For this post, I’m going to have it split into each class. For each of those classes, I’m going to talk about how I have improved and how I still need to improve to answer the driving question which is Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?

I feel over this term in humanities it’s a bit harder to find improvement since it was entirely online although there was one very big thing I’m much less of a distraction now. Other than that I haven’t really improved. Some of the habits I still need to work on is better time management and higher quality work. A good example of both is my Gold project more specifically both of the videos I had to make for it. The first of those videos I’m going to be talking about is my Goldrush trailer. My trailer was a good example because even though it was a work of art that could’ve only been made by the best human on earth you could say it didn’t fit into the project requirements which is why it’s a good example of the quality of work. The second video was my final Gold Trails & Ghost Towns video where I had to take a story from an old show called Gold Trails & Ghost Towns and make a short video about it. So where did I go wrong? For this assignment, I had terrible time management which led to me finishing my video about a week late. How am I going to work on my time management and quality of work? For time management I’m going to start time blocking and using things again since I have more or less stopped doing those things. For the quality of work, I’m going to start doing my work at least two days before it’s due so I have more time to make sure my work is at the best quality it can be.

Over this term in science just like in humanities I haven’t improved that much. Even though I didn’t improve that much I still feel that I have improved a little a good example of that is our most recent project (disclaimer as of writing I still haven’t handed in the final part of the project) meiosis models. The part of this project where I think I have shown improvement is our models what type of improvement? The improvement I made during this project was I have started doing revisions which is something that I have always struggled with. What I revised for this project was my models by adding arrows showing what things are/what they are doing. What I still need to work on is pretty much the same as humanities and since I already covered that in that the humanities part of this blog I’m just to do a quick recap. I need to work on time management and quality of work I’m going to do those by using things and giving myself more time to work on assignments.

Over this term in Math, I haven’t seen much improvement although I did enjoy our last project. The reason why it’s hard for me to find ways I have improved in math during this term is because we have only done one project. How I still need to improve is I need to focus more in class. I need to do that because I find myself getting easily distracted during classes. That would normally leave me having no clue what’s going on but luckily we still have basecamp. That’s good because it gives me the ability to look at what assignments I have and how to do them. Although Even though I have those tools it’s still very important to focus in class. How am I going to make sure I stay focused during class the biggest thing that distracts me during class is my computer so instead of just turning it off by using the front button which is easy to reach I’m going to just unplug the computer. Other than that I need to work on the same things as in science and humanities.


Over this term in maker, I think I have improved a little bit when it comes to the time and enjoyment I put into my work especially videos although sometimes I can get too ambitious. A good example of me getting too ambitious was our maker project Witness to history. For Witness to history, we had to make a short video about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our community. Where I went wrong with this project was I thought that I could make this masterpiece of a video but pretty soon I realized that it would be a lot harder than I had thought. Due to that, I ended up finishing late without what I had set out to make. Some ways I still need to improve are I need to be less ambitious and follow instructions better. The reason I need to follow instructions better is because sometimes when we have to use specific software like iMovie I don’t use it because I dislike iMovie. How I can work on these things is by using software whether or not I like it. For avoiding being too ambitious I’m going to talk to my friends and ask them if I’m being too ambitious before starting.

Alright, now it’s time for the conclusion where I will answer the driving question which is Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level? to answer that I would say yes I think I am ready for the next grade although it will be a lot of work. I say that because even though I think I have improved a lot over this year I still have lots to work on when it comes to focusing and other things. The other big reason why next year is going to be hard is because assuming that at some point next school year we will be going back to in-person school it’s going to be a huge change. Finally, when going back to in-person school I will have to make sure that I don’t fall back into my old bad habits. Thanks for reading my TPOL post and have a nice day.