Election Reflection

Have you ever wondered how the government is structured? Good because that’s what this post is all about. More specifically in this post, I will be looking at the similarities between the structure of the Canadian government and the structure of a corporate business.

First, let’s take a brief look at the structure of the Canadian government more specifically the legislative part of the federal government. The legislative sector is the parliament which contains the senate and the House of Commons.

Now for our comparison, we’ll be mostly focusing on the Committee style of business structure. In a committee-style business structure, authority and responsibility are held by a group rather than an individual although generally, the committee doesn’t have the power to make decisions. So basically decisions will be discussed with a group of people and they will report to the board of directors.

Now let’s talk about some of the connections between the two structures. the first and biggest connection is the similarities between the company committee and the house of commons. If you look at the most basic job of the house of commons their job is to debate and vote on bills then send them up to the senate. Now if you compare that to the committee business structure where a committee will discuss ideas then send them to the higher-ups or the board of directors to be the final deciding factor.

This leads me to my second connection which is the board of directors and the senate. Just like before when you start to compare them you will start to see some similarities for example the board of directors and the Senate are both the highest power and in charge of final decision making. one difference between the senate and board of directors is that the board of directors is elected by shareholders whereas the senate is selected.

In conclusion, I think when you start looking at the structure of the Canadian government you can see how in some ways it functions like a company.