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For my second blogpost of this year I will be talking about one of our smaller projects we’ve done so far which was our game of exponents project for math. For this project what we had to do was make a boardgame based around exponent laws in groups of two although I was in a group of three. The first thing we had to do was come up with our game idea so being that me and my group mates (Brenton, Ryan, and me) are pretty political we decided to make a game where you run for president which I thought sounded pretty fun. After we came up with our idea we had to get it approved by the teacher which we did thankfully. Now that we had our idea approved by the teacher it was time to start writing the rules.

In my opinion coming up with the rules was the second most fun thing we did in this project aside from actually playing the game. How we ended up doing the rules was we brainstormed and then Ryan would write them down with detail which worked well. After we made the rules it was time to start on the actual board and game pieces. Our board just ended up being a map of America cut up into regions. The more interesting thing we had to make for our game was the cards because for the images on them we found political memes or got funny images that fit with what it said on the card. The final thing we had to get for the game were the game coins and the die which ended up being pretty easy because for the currency we ended up just using cents.

now that we had our game pieces and board done it was time to show it to other people to get feedback so in class there everybody swapped with another group and they would play our group and we would play theirs and give them feedback. We got decent there were a few things we had to change for example they said it was a little slow. With that feed back we had a few days to fix our game which we did. Now that we had the final versions of our games it was time to show it to a different class by that I mean another class came to our class and groups of twos played our games and I have to say our game had great reception from the group that played it.

in conclusion this was a super fun project and I learned a ton about exponents and truly this is a project that I would do again.

Here are the rules

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