Podcast project

Hi, how’s it going it’s been a while. So what have you been doing (now just say what you have been doing out loud) you know what I’ve been doing I’ve been doing a new project. What is that new project? Podcasts more specifically we had to come up with a podcast idea then create a trailer for our podcast.

The first thing we had to do for this project was research podcasts. I mean we also had to create a blog post about identity but that’s not important. Ok, maybe it’s a little important. Ok, fine I’ll talk about it. Basically, we had to talk about our understanding of identity and create a gif about our identity. I’m not going to into detail on all of this though because I already did the blog post so if you are interested in reading about it here’s a link.

Also here’s my gif

Now back to my first thought so we had to research podcasts. For me, researching podcasts wasn’t super hard since I already listen to a lot of podcasts. During my research, I found a few new interesting podcasts. Those podcasts were Bad Friends, Those Conspiracy Guys and Trash Taste. What I learned from researching podcasts is the different types of podcasts and the different strategies for transitions and openings.

After researching podcasts we had to create a podcast plan. My first idea for a podcast was the wsb cast which stands for wall street bets podcast. The wsb cast was meant to be about the subreddit wall street bets a place for putting your life saving into Tesla calls. It was going to be a comedic podcast with one host and an interview. Why didn’t that idea work? Well, to be honest, it wasn’t the most interesting idea also I didn’t really bring anything special to the subject. What idea did I end up doing? In the end, I ended up doing a podcast where each week I would have a guest on and we would talk about a random topic. 

After getting our pitch accepted we had to start creating our podcast trailer. That meant writing a script, making intro/transition music and actually recording our podcast trailer. For our music, we used garage band which is a pretty cool tool. More specifically I at least used the live loops which allows you to pick a genre of music then click these little buttons to add beats and stuff. Here’s an example

For the actual recording, I just used voice memos because for me that was easier than garage band. After recording on voice memos I would then export it into garage band for editing. Editing on garage band wasn’t that hard so it went pretty fast. One of the tricks I used for editing was automation which allows you to fade in music. Now that I have gone over the process I took to make my podcast trailer here it is.

Overall I like how my trailer turned out Although I think I could have made the audio better and made some different music for transitions.

Weakly check in

What did I learn this week? This week I learned about my new project the greatest Canadian and my last project, project podcast. For my last project last week I learned about the editing process of making a podcast and the music creation process. For my new project, I learned about a 2004 show all about who the greatest Canadian was which was pretty intriguing. I also learned more about terry fox which was also pretty interesting. Finally, I learned about the details of our new project where we are going to have to make an episode of our podcast about who we think is the greatest Canadian. Overall I think this was a very productive week where I learned a lot.