Hi guys welcome back to my blog. Today we will be talking about how Japan has influenced the world with its technologies and inventions. What I find very interesting is that Japan only came into the world radar around the end of WW2. There was even a period of around  200 years that they were actually a closed country. They closed off their boarders to almost all foreign countries and only opened them again when they were forced to do so by America. Thank god they did. Japan is known for being one of the leading innovators of technology and we have a lot to thank them for. If trade routes and foreign relation went any different we wouldn’t have the types of technology we have today like batteries, cameras, audio technology, calculators, game controllers, and so many more.

Today I will be talking about one of these inventions: the GPS. Also known as Global Positioning System. To say that the Japanese invented the gps would be incorrect. In fact the one who owns the patent for it is America as it was developed by the U.S military. However Honda, a Japanese car company, invented a similar device for car navigation 14 years prior to America. Honda called it the “Electro Gycrocator” which was the first commercially available car system and was released in 1981. This was the, in my opinion, foundation to the car systems that we use in our day to day lives.

In my opinion there are things that are only in Japan that should be incorporated into Canada and other countries. More specifically 1 thing that I have seen in Japan that I firmly believe should be brought to Canada. Whether this is for convenience or just because I find this both hilarious and really cool I will not say. So without further ado this item is: Vending Machines!

Believe it or not there are over 5 million types of vending machines in Japan. Not just for the typical drink either. You can get anything from drinks to shirts to masks to dogs from these vending machines placed all over Japan. This includes in stores and out on the street. The amount of variety that you get from these vending machines are amazing. I think that these vending machines improve a citizens daily life and allows for a higher quality of life. I like that you can buy masks from vending machines which are considered a necessity during a global pandemic. It allows people to buy a mask without having to interact with people or go into stores encouraging social distancing and safe protocols. Especially because these vending machines are usually accompanied by a hand sanitizer station. These vending machines are often found in high traffic areas such as train stations. Due to the morning traffic in getting to work, forgetting items is common and having to go back home is hard to say the least. Being able to buy items like umbrellas or ice cream or shirts helps to keep the crowd moving. I would like to see this in Canada because I think that it will improve our way of life.

  • Drinks and snack
  • Ice cream
  • Flowers
  • Crabs
  • Ties, shirts, and other clothing
  • SIM cards

In conclusion I think that Japan is an amazing place with lots of ideas and I am glad that they opened up their boarders to share these inventions. I think that being able to share these ideas with not only Japan but the rest of the world has allowed civilization to improve as a whole and allowed innovation to continue.