Apology Accepted? 🤝

Hello, welcome to or back to my blog! Winter Break is over already? This year is going by so quick! Anyways in this post I will be talking about a project in Humanities that we finished right before the break, it’s called the Ology of Apology! The driving question for this project is: How can we keep an apology alive so the wrongs of the past are remembered and not repeated again?

Starting the project off strong we learned about what memorials are and how important they are for remembering our past. One thing that really stood out to me was learning about how they are historical touchstones, something that links the past to the present. They serve as a public memory that something that is important enough to remember. Memorials can bring people together because of the collective remembrance they create.

Memorials can be in many different shapes and sizes, from small statues to huge parks.

After having a bit of knowledge of what memorials actually are we all were given a task, we had to create a small memorial out of Lego, it could be about anything you wanted. We weren’t given much time to put it together in class and we had a hard collection of Lego to choose from given that it’s the schools. After this we wrote on the photo we took of our memorial and started to create a paragraph describing out creation. I personally did mine on the 80s and focused more on the music, bright colours, and nostalgia. Here is my piece!

80s Memorial

After learning more about how memorials are important and why we need them to be able to grow as a society we were asked of a task of creating a memorial proposal in a group of three. As a class were were all split up and put in a group that focused on a minority group. I got chosen to learn about South Asians with my group members Charlie R. and Mackenzie. We all  were assigned to do an individual memorial on an apology, immigration, and discrimination. Charlie R. did an apology memorial in shape of a timeline, Mackenzie focused on immigration and created a poster, I leaned about discrimination and created a keynote.

Here is what I created:

For better quality download here

We also worked together to help each other out with these individual memorials and then worked together to create a main memorial we focused on the Komagata Maru. We created a poster that shows the information on our location proposals and other important thoughts. My favourite thing about this memorial is probably that we have enough trees surrounding our memorial for all of those that passed on, I liked having this touch to it because even tho lives where lost we are creating new ones in their honour. 

In the 2023 Winter Exhibition our station needed to have some food. So let me tell you how it went down. I brought some Paratha and Charlie brought some Naan bread. Our original idea was to get some Chapati because that’s one of the foods that the Sikh’s ate on the Komagata Maru but we couldn’t find any in time so we went with two different flat bread options, hoping to make up for it.

Here are some photos of how our winter exhibition went:

Overall I feel like this was a very successful project for my group, we all ended up having a memorial we were proud of and I think that’s the ultimate goal when creating something. It made us even more happy when we learnt that we won out of the two other South Asian groups we went up against. I hope that for my next project I will be as organized as I was in this one. I feel like I did a really good job on keeping myself on top of my work and I hope to do the same in the next project. Thank you so much for reading and see you in my next post!

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