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Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today we are taking a look back at our latest project, “change my mind, adversaries to allies”. As you may have guessed through the title the projects whole goal was to change minds. Who’s mind I had to change was up to me. The whole idea was for me to find a point to argue and the find a target audience to argue that point to. As long as the argument was written in some form of writing it was a good to go. As always our entire projects work was to answer a driving question. This project’s question was, how can I use my voice to affect change? It’s now time to go through the learning process and how I answered this question.

To start this post off I would like to talk about my process leading up to the creation of my argument. Just as this project started I missed a week of school due to being sick. Being set behind was a bit of a problem for my understanding of the project. As this project kicked off we each started something called our writing record. This is essentially one place to leave all of our ideas and brainstorming for the entire project. I believe that because all my work was in one place I was able to get it done a lot more efficiently at home. Being able to keep up while at home sick was something I have struggled with before so this writing record was a very helpful inclusion.

Writing Record

I was able to narrow down an argument pretty quickly with the help of my writing record and a bit of help from peers and teachers. Once I had my argument (why celebrity award shows are bad), and my target audience (my parents) I was able to start drafting my argument. This is where I encountered my first problem.

My problem was choosing a medium to deliver my argument. I wasn’t sure what type of literature I would write to argue my point. Through some deliberation I ended up deciding to make a blog post. Reflecting on this choice I realize it was probably not the best choice. One reason for this is because my target audience appreciates creativity. My parents have read many of my blog posts and I feel like this was no different for them. The only difference they saw from previous posts was content. While they saw the facts and research I put into the post and believed that it was a convincing argument I couldn’t help but feel that they would have enjoyed a different experience. Maybe a presentation where I could deliver the information in a more personal way or an infographic that would have less of an essay feel. Even though I feel like my medium of presentation could have been a much better experience for my target audience I still do believe that I convinced them of my argument.

While I feel like I could have delivered a more convincing argument in a different form, I think that this has been a good learning experience. While I don’t want to say that it was a fail, I do think that this was a first attempt in learning. That’s why this project was an interesting one and a unique experience. I feel as though I want to try again with convincing through writing. I almost never look back at a project and think I want to try that again but now I feel as though I want to take another try at convincing through my writing and take a second attempt in learning.

Through my reflection and work in this project I have come to a conclusion about our driving question. How can I use my voice to effect change? I am able to effect change through projecting my voice into different media forms. Whether that be through convincing writing or through social platforms. I am able to find a target audience and inspire change through my words.

Thank you very much for reading my blog post. I hope I was able to make you think about effecting change in your life.

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