Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today we are switching it up from our weekly blog posts and doing the final reflective post for the World War 2 podcast project. This, like the greatest Canadian was a project based around making a podcast episode. The difference between the greatest Canadian and this project […]

D.I, But its PLP

Hello and welcome back to my blog. This is going to be an interesting post as we are currently in a global epidemic. Somehow in all of this the teachers of PLP saw past the cancelling of the D.I provincials and decided to hold their own online chat room (mandatory) D.I competition. After the regional […]

D.I Regionals(part 2)

Hello and welcome back to my blog. As you read in the title this is another D.I reflection. In this post, I’ll be going through the process my team and I went on that eventually culminated in the Destination Imagination regional finals. This year, regionals were held at our home school, Seycove Secondary (link seycove […]

Live Event

Hello I’m back again with another, yes another Maker blog post. This is another maker blog post that is crammed in to the end of term one. This blog post is on a live event. This live event could be anything from a internet stream to a climbing practice. The goal for this project was […]

The Grand Video Reflection

Hello again. I’m being forced to do another blog post. And again with the maker subject. This time it is reflecting on our first term of videos. This reflection should include around ten videos so it will be pretty long. In this post I will cover the videos and if there was a blog post […]